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Why Puerto Vallarta’s Tourists Are Avoiding This Popular Attraction Right Now

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One of Puerto Vallarta’s main tourist sites is slowly deteriorating.

The Malecón, the main boardwalk in the city facing the Pacific Ocean and giving tourists breathtaking views over the sea, is now falling apart.

Beach view took from Malecón Boardwalk of Puerto Vallarta ,the centre of relaxing place

Citizens are currently asking the local government to take immediate action to solve the issue but, with the end of the winter festivities just around the corner, it is now too late for most visitors to see The Malecón in its original state. 

What happened? 

According to local news, a public lighting pole located on the curve near the lighthouse has collapsed. Luckily, no one was hurt, but nothing has yet been done to fix the issue. 

Apparently, the metal from which the pole was made was weakened by rust, which led to its collapse. But this is only the beginning. 

Tourists on the malecón with mountains and Banderas Bay in the background in Puerto Vallarta

In fact, this was not the only pole that fell in the last few days in Puerto Vallarta, as several other pillars collapsed along the boardwalk. On top of this, planter and sculpture bases also need maintenance work as they have slowly been eroded. 

But there’s more. The irrigation system that was supposed to water the plants along the Malecón hasn’t been working for two months. 

Several citizens are now asking the local government to solve all these issues, stressing the need to carry out maintenance work to avoid future accidents, such as falling poles and injuring people enjoying a walk on the boardwalk.

What the locals are saying

Puerto Vallarta Mexico. People walking on the malecón with view of mountains and Banderas Bay.

Several local businessmen have reached out to local news platforms to voice their concerns, including the CPS Noticias-Tribuna de la Bahía. 

One of them commented: “The way they disrespect us is outrageous and it seems very stupid to say the very least, because all this will also affect them, it is a chain.”

He added: “It has already been mentioned how important it is for the Municipal Tourism Department to get involved since the city’s main activity is tourism. It is incredible that no authority does anything to improve the conditions of the center.”

Foot bridge to zona romantica beside beach at Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta

This is not the first time that local merchants have complained about this issue. Not too long ago, the public lighting in the area did not work properly for several days in a row, leading most tourists to choose an alternative activity and affecting local businessmen. 

What is the government doing to address the issue?

Problems with the Malecón had already been detected in the middle of December when Councilor Carla Esparza Quintero brought the deteriorating conditions of the boardwalk to the attention of the City Council. 

According to her, the situation was particularly concerning as everything took place during Puerto Vallarta’s high season

Conchas chinas beach in puerto vallarta jalisco mexico at sunset

Talking about the issue, Carla Esparza Quintero said: “I’m ashamed (…) the boardwalk is destroyed. It smells like urine and it is not possible that almost three years after I put the initiative in at the beginning of the administration, it has not been repaired and cleaned.”

Apparently, the local government has a budget of 4 million pesos to fix all the issues related to the Malecón. Works were supposed to start in mid-November but had to be postponed due to the arrival of Hurricane Lidia. 

It now seems that maintenance works will begin in January 2024, but nothing has been confirmed yet. 

What are some of Puerto Vallarta’s attractions now open to tourists?

Conchas Chinas Beach, Puerto Vallarta

Despite this, tourists heading to Puerto Vallarta soon will still be able to choose among plenty of activities to make the most out of their vacation. 

With stunning beaches such as Las Animas Beach, Playa Concha Chinas, and Playa de Oro, visitors will have plenty of places to relax and sunbathe, enjoy a swim, or try out some water sports, such as surfing. 

Apart from this, travelers can opt for a visit to the local Botanical Gardens, check out one of the nearby towns, such as Sayulita and San Pancho, or experience the authentic Mexican culture with a tequila-tasting experience or a cacao ceremony.

Aerial photos of the beautiful beach of Puerto Vallarta in Mexico,

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