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Puerto Vallarta Takes Action To Address One of Tourists’ Main Concerns 

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According to a recent survey published by Puerto Vallarta’s Tourist Trust, one of the visitors’ main concerns when exploring this popular destination is the amount of trash found on the streets and on the beaches. 

The sandy beach alongside the Malecon promenade boardwalk and Zona Romantica area of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with the sea and city skyline in view

This is why the local government is now taking action to address the issue and solve this problem. 

The Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta, in coordination with the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone Committee, has recently decided to purchase four new garbage trucks to speed up the garbage collecting process and keep tourists happy.

Puerto Vallarta’s trash problem

Tourists booking a luxurious vacation in Puerto Vallarta expect to find state-of-the-art amenities and top-notch services on their arrival. 

People enjoying the beach on a sunny day in Puerto Vallarta. Buildings in the background

This is definitely true to a certain extent. Puerto Vallarta is home to several five-star resorts and hotels offering luxurious experiences. On top of this, beaches in the area are breathtaking, having won several awards for the cleanliness of their waters and the services provided to tourists. 

But there is a ‘but’. According to Luis Villaseñor Nolasco, the Director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, visitors are unhappy with the amount of trash found in the city. 

This is why four million pesos, the equivalent of roughly $240,000, was invested in the purchase of four garbage trucks. 

View from the street below of the The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe with colorful flags strung across the street on a sunny morning in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

These new vehicles will operate throughout the city with a particular focus on the upper part of the Pitillal, where most garbage is collected. 

Talking about this issue, Puerto Vallarta’s mayor said: “We went to Guadalajara to [advise] the members of the Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone committee that we needed to have more garbage trucks.”

This is not the first time that the local government requested new vehicles for garbage collection. Last year ten new trucks had already been purchased but these were apparently not enough to handle the arrival of the thousands of tourists flocking to this destination during the high season. 

Tourists and Mexicans enjoy the shops, palm trees and sea views at the Puerto Vallarta Malecon promenade and boardwalk at the resort city of Puerto Vallarta

Apart from these new vehicles, Puerto Vallarta’s government also decided to purchase nine stake vans for Municipal Public Services, three cranes for Public Lighting, and four ambulances to serve tourists and locals in case of medical emergency. 

What are tourists’ main concerns? 

Apart from the garbage, tourists seemed to have been concerned about the presence of homeless people in the city. 

Talking about this issue, Luis Villaseñor Nolasco stated: “We have been working on the problem of the homeless with businessmen and authorities.” Unfortunately, however, the issue continues to persist in the area and it is still unclear how it will be addressed in the future. 

Downtown Puerto Vallarta at sunset

Apart from these two minor points, visitors heading to Puerto Vallarta for their holidays seem to be very happy with their choice. But why are tourists so excited to come to this city every year?

What do tourists love about Puerto Vallarta?

According to the survey, Puerto Vallarta’s visitors seem to be particularly happy with people’s friendliness. Concerning this positive finding, Luis Villaseñor Nolasco said: “What stood out the most is that [tourists] like the topic of hospitality. The first thing they say is that the people of Vallarta are very friendly and that they are always very cordial.”

Another main reason leading so many tourists to choose this destination every year seems to be the delicious food found here. “The second point that stands out the most is the food,” said the Director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust.

Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta

Of course, some of the other factors include the stunning beaches found here, from Playa de Oro to Los Muertos Beach, Amapas Beach, and Conchas Chinas Beach, the options are endless. 

Several beaches in Puerto Vallarta are swimmable, and some of them also give tourists the possibility to try out water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. 

Thanks to the many beach clubs located on the shore, visitors here can also relax with a refreshing drink or try out the local cuisine while enjoying the most beautiful view over the Pacific Ocean. 

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