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Why Puerto Vallarta Resorts Are Some Of The Most Packed In Mexico This Year

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If you are wondering where the hottest spot is for a getaway this year, look no further than Puerto Vallarta.  

This charming coastal destination, along with its neighbor Riviera Nayarit, is stealing the spotlight.  

Both of these Mexican destinations have skyrocketed to the top five of the hotel occupancy charts, making them the go-to places for your next vacation.  

Let us dive into what makes these destinations two of the most sought-after spots for travelers in 2023.

nayarit beach with palm trees

With travelers flocking to the stunning shores of Puerto Vallarta and the allure of Riviera Nayarit, hotel occupancy numbers have hit the roof.  

The two regions have scored a double win, proudly claiming spots in the top five accommodations with the highest occupancy.  

According to Sectur, the Secretary of Tourism, Puerto Vallarta ranked among the top for hotel occupancy across all of Mexico’s national destinations.  

Riviera Nayarit has experienced a hotel occupancy in 2023 of 78.8% and Puerto Vallarta a spectacular 77.3%.  

So, what makes these destinations must-visit hotspots this year?  

aerial playa sayulita nayurit

Puerto Vallarta Charm 

It is all about the irresistible blend of natural beauty, captivating culture, and fun experiences.  

Puerto Vallarta, with its blend of modern amenities and traditional charm, offers a little something for every kind of traveler.  

From picturesque beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see to a vibrant culinary scene for your taste buds, it is no wonder travelers are flocking here like never before. 

beach with tourists swimming and small boats

El Malecon  

El Malecón in Puerto Vallarta is an iconic boardwalk in the heart of this destination.  

Stretching for miles along the shoreline, it is a hub of art, culture, and entertainment.  

Here, you can stroll past amazing sculptures, browse local art galleries, or simply soak in the stunning ocean views.

As the sun sets, the Malecón comes to life with lively street performers, making it the perfect spot to explore at the end of the day.  

aerial view of beach in puerto vallarta

Playa Los Muertos 

If you are seeking sun, sea, and a lively atmosphere, Playa Los Muertos is the place to be.  

This beautiful beach offers everything from water sports to beachfront dining. It is an excellent place to relax, swim, or try out activities like parasailing and snorkeling.  

Beach clubs and restaurants that line the shore are perfect for sipping on a cool drink and taking in the views.  

view of el malecon pier and beach

Explore the Beauty of Riviera Nayarit 

Riviera Nayarit, with its pristine beaches and lush landscapes, is not about to be outshone.  

This neighboring paradise boasts a unique blend of luxury and eco-tourism that is attracting travelers.  

With stunning resorts nestled in nature and a variety of exciting outdoor activities, Riviera Nayarit has become the answer for those looking for adventure and relaxation. 

marieta islands

Nuevo Vallarta Beach  

Nuevo Vallarta Beach, a tranquil stretch of shore in Riviera Nayarit, is a paradise for beach lovers.  

The calm, crystal-clear waters make it ideal for swimming and water sports.  

The beach is filled with upscale resorts that offer fantastic beachfront amenities for you to enjoy. 

beach view of puerto vallarta resorts

Calling all Golf Enthusiasts 

Nuevo Vallarta also has some of the finest golf courses in the area, and Flamingos Golf Course is one of them.  

This 18-hole par-72 course is known for its lush greens, challenging courses, and scenic views.  

It is a golfer’s dream, whether you are a seasoned golfer or new to the sport.  

puerto vallarta golf course

Nature Up Close  

For a unique experience, head to El Cora Crocodile Sanctuary. Get up close and personal with these amazing reptiles in a safe and educational environment.  

The sanctuary houses a variety of species in addition to crocodiles making it a great outing for families.  

crocodile in puerto vallarta

With these attractions, Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta offer a mix of cultural richness, natural beauty, and recreational experiences, making them dream destinations for travelers.  

So, why the sudden surge in popularity? Well, besides the obvious appeal of turquoise waters and sandy beaches, both Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit have gone the extra mile to ensure travelers have unforgettable experiences.  

Warmth and Hospitality  

Mexico is known for its warm and inviting hospitality, and this absolutely rings true in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Nayarit.   

Feel immediately welcomed from the moment you arrive! It is this genuine warmth and the people that add an additional layer of magic to these destinations, solidifying their spots in the top occupancy in 2023.  

tourist on walkway

So, whether you are a beach lover, a foodie, an adventurer, or someone who just wants to soak up the sun, these spectacular destinations are ready to welcome you with open arms.  

Get ready to dive into the unmatched charm of Puerto Vallarta and the captivating allure of Riviera Nayarit and experience it for yourself.  

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