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Authorities Urge Puerto Vallarta Travelers To Exercise Caution On Beaches This Winter

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Puerto Vallarta is heading into the busiest time of the year for international travel, with a record number of tourists expected to flock to the coastal hotspot over the coming months.

The growing number of travelers in the sun-soaked destination has officials concerned over beach and swimming safety following several cases of close-calls on local beaches. 

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A popular pastime for locals and visitors alike, Puerto Vallarta’s award-winning beaches are a highlight for millions of people.

With that in mind, here’s the latest on staying safe in the city’s spectacular beaches.

Two Swimmers Nearly Drown On Popular Beach, Prompting Warnings From Officials 

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Although Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest cities in Mexico for international travel, visitors continue to face a number of risks in the sunny destination.

Beach safety – especially when it comes to swimming in the Pacific Ocean – is a topic that has attracted growing attention from authorities over the past several days.

On Tuesday this week, two young beachgoers nearly drowned in the popular resort hotspot of Rincoón de Guayabitos after ignoring the city’s color-coded flag warning system. 

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The two men, aged 11 and 29, were enjoying a sunny afternoon on a local beach when they decided to go for a swim.

Although the conditions appeared completely safe to the swimmers, authorities had placed a red flag on Guayabitos beach due to strong waves and currents.

Fortunately, a lifeguard spotted the swimmers shortly after they went into the sea and sprang into action, rescuing the individuals before it was too late.

During the intense rescue operation, the lifeguard deployed a rescue buoy, which proved effective in bringing the swimmers to safety. 

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After safely returning to shore, first responders administered first aid and alerted officials to the incident.

The victims were treated on the spot, and no further medical attention was required.

No further incidents were reported during Tuesday in Guayabitos Beach, but the alarming situation is a wake-up call for travelers during the busy winter holidays, officials say.

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With several hundred thousand travelers expected to visit Puerto Vallarta and the stunning Riviera Nayarit over the record-breaking winter holiday period, many visitors will undoubtedly flock to the region’s numerous beaches.

Follow These Tips To Stay Safe On Your Next Puerto Vallarta Beach Trip

Much like other resort hotspots across Mexico, officials in Puerto Vallarta use a beach warning system to inform beachgoers about swimming safety.

Even during sunny weather, wind, ocean currents, and rip tides can pose a significant risk to travelers. 

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When enjoying Puerto Vallarta’s popular public beaches, look out for the following flags before heading for a swim:

  • Green flag: ideal conditions for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.
  • Yellow flag: swimming is allowed but travelers should exercise increased precaution due to wind, currents, and waves.
  • Red flag: dangerous conditions reported and travelers are urged to avoid going into the water. 
  • Purple flag: this color is used to indicate the presence of dangerous marine wildlife, such as sharks or even crocodiles.
  • Black flag: used to indicate highly perilous conditions and beach closure; accessing public beaches is prohibited at this time. 
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In addition to closely following beach warning guidelines, travelers should opt to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s beaches during the daytime, when the risk of petty crime is at its lowest.

That said, always keep a close eye on personal belongings, especially when beaches are crowded.

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