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Why Puerto Vallarta Boat Tours Are Safe Despite Recent Sinking

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Authorities in Puerto Vallarta have launched a full investigation into the recent sinking of a vessel with 24 passengers on board.

The shocking incident has left many wondering whether taking a boat tour is safe.

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Fortunately, Puerto Vallarta and the touristy regions that surround the coastal city are known for having some of the most reputable tour operators in the region, most of which comply with strict regulations.

With Puerto Vallarta soaring in popularity this winter, many travelers are booking boat tours to enjoy the Mexican Pacific’s stunning coastline and exotic marine wildlife. 

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As experts continue to investigate the most recent boat sinking in the sun-soaked region, here’s a look at why boat tours are safe in Puerto Vallarta.

Investigation Launched Into Surprising Sinking Of Modern Vessel In Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is often best experienced from the sea – from massive cruise ships to luxurious yachts; this coastal hotspot is situated in the Bay of Banderas, offering a unique vantage point of the Pacific city.

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It’s no wonder that thousands of travelers book boat tours in the sun-drenched destination. And with hundreds of vessels departing the coastal hotspot each day, aquatic excursions are one of the most sought-after activities in Puerto Vallarta.

Despite the huge popularity of boat tours in Puerto Vallarta, accidents do happen from time to time. 

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Last Wednesday, a boat carrying some 24 passengers sank shortly after departing from a Puerto Vallarta boat. No injuries were reported in the aftermath of the sinking, and civil protection services were quick to respond to the mayday call issued by the vessel. 

According to media reports, the vessel, which was recently confirmed to be a yacht, quickly began sinking shortly after departing for a port in the coastal destination. 

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Although few definitive conclusions have been made regarding the circumstances of the shocking occurrence, officials say a mechanical is to blame for the incident.

The accident occurred close to the Arcos de Mismaloya, a scenic destination popular for day trips and scuba divers. According to preliminary information released by local media stations, the yacht was carrying 10 foreign tourists, some of whom received medical attention following an intense rescue mission. 

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Authorities Step Up Efforts To Protect Travelers On Boat Tours

As evidenced by last week’s sinking, Puerto Vallarta is prepared to deal with emergency situations – both on land and at sea. Being one of the most popular cities for international tourism in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has a robust presence of law enforcement and strong institutions that protect residents and travelers.

The city’s excellent safety also applies to boat tours, which are particularly popular with travelers. Just last week, the city’s maritime officials carried out a sea rescue drill together with Mexico’s Marine Secretariat. 

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The safety drill demonstrated Puerto Vallarta’s commitment to following international protocols, especially as the coastal destination continues to skyrocket in popularity with travelers.

Meanwhile, most large tour operators in the Mexican Pacific hotspot comply with strict regulations and are certified to carry out water-based tours. Equally true is the fact that travelers are still urged to do their own research prior to booking a whale-watching or island expedition tour in Puerto Vallarta.

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