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Puerto Vallarta Hotels Nearly Full As Destination Skyrockets In Popularity

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Puerto Vallarta is getting ready for a busy weekend ahead, expecting a surge in visitors with hotel occupancy rates set to exceed 85%, as reported by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism.

But it’s not just Puerto Vallarta gearing up for a visitor influx – the whole country is looking forward to a boost in tourist numbers during the third long weekend of the year (November 17-20), coinciding with the 13th edition of Buen Fin (which is basically Mexico’s Black Friday).

Aerial View of the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The report brings good news, painting a positive picture with a nationwide increase of 2.9% in hotel occupancy rates for leading tourist destinations during this period compared to 2022.

Nuevo Nayarit (also known as Nuevo Vallarta) leads the way with an impressive 86.3% occupancy rate, with Puerto Vallarta following closely at 86.1%, Los Cabos at 85.5%, and Cancún at 84.5%.

With Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Nayarit rubbing shoulders with tourism giants like Cancun and Los Cabos, this achievement is truly noteworthy.

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So, let’s explore the reasons behind Puerto Vallarta’s skyrocketing popularity and the unique experiences and attractions that make this Pacific gem an absolute must-visit.

Breathtaking Natural Wonders

Puerto Vallarta offers a diverse selection of more than 20 amazing beaches, each promising distinct yet equally captivating experiences.

You can escape to the secluded Playa Colomitos for a peaceful retreat or dive into the lively atmosphere of Malecón and Playa Los Muertos beaches.

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But there’s so much more than pristine beaches when it comes to Puerto Vallarta’s natural attractions, making it a prime ecotourism destination.

The National Park Los Arcos, a marine sanctuary off Mismaloya Beach, is the perfect spot for diving and snorkeling, showcasing abundant marine life and gentle currents.

Just 30 minutes from downtown Puerto Vallarta, you’ll find the city’s botanical garden, recognized as one of the top ten botanical gardens in North America, where a fascinating collection of exotic plants from Mexico and beyond awaits.

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Finally, the Palo María waterfall is a must-visit for nature lovers, offering a relaxing retreat amidst lush jungle landscapes.

Rich Culture & Welcoming Atmosphere

One of the main things travelers love about Puerto Vallarta is its authentic Mexican town vibe.

In contrast to more recently developed cities like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta stands out with its profound historical and cultural roots.

Beyond historical landmarks such as the Our Lady Of Guadalupe Parish and the Saucedo Theater, the town thrives as a lively center for art and culture, featuring numerous sculptures and street murals crafted by local and international artists.

la catrina puerto vallarta

Discover the mesmerizing indigenous Huichol art, known for its intricate and colorful designs, explore art galleries featuring top-tier artists, and marvel at the Guinness World record-breaking Catrina – the tallest in the world.

Combined with the warmth of the locals, delicious cuisine, lively nightlife, and a selection of the country’s top tequilas, Puerto Vallarta offers a cultural experience that not only engages the senses but also captures the essence of Mexico’s rich heritage.

Luxury Tourism

Luxury tourism is on the rise in Mexico, as travelers are increasingly seeking destinations that offer exclusive experiences with an emphasis on nature and culture.

This holds particularly true for Riviera Nayarit, a resort hub about a 30-minute drive from Puerto Vallarta, with Nuevo Nayarit emerging as one of the leading destinations for this travel trend.

aerial nuevo nayarit resort

Resorts such as The Estates at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta and Casa Mia De Mita offer their guests an elegant combination of luxury, nature, and authentic Mexican charm.

But Puerto Vallarta also excels in providing luxurious experiences, boasting upscale all-inclusives like Hotel Mousai Puerto Vallarta and Casa Velas, along with many other high-end options.

The appeal extends to Puerto Vallarta’s iconic Marina, a hub for discerning travelers, featuring fine dining restaurants, exclusive shops, art galleries, and charming cafés.

Here, you can also indulge in a luxury yacht or sailboat tour, experiencing the area’s natural beauty while partaking in activities like snorkeling, paddleboarding, or simply basking in the sun with a cocktail.

aerial view of resorts and marina puerto vallarta

With such a combination of natural beauty, rich culture, lively nightlife, and luxury, Puerto Vallarta has it all, and its skyrocketing popularity – evidenced by its noteworthy hotel occupancy numbers – shows no signs of stopping.

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