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Puerto Vallarta Among Best Small Cities To Visit In The World According To New Report 

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Located along Mexico’s coast, Puerto Vallarta has once again proven its charm by earning a spot on the Readers’ Choice Awards 2023 list.  

The tropical destination is being recognized as one of the best small cities to visit in the world, and it’s no surprise to anyone who has experienced the magic of this city.  

aerial view of puerto vallarta

A Special Recognition  

Every year, Condé Nast Traveler recognizes travelers’ favorite destinations with its Reader’s Choice Awards.  

The magazine compiles a prestigious list of the top 10 international destinations.  

These destinations are handpicked based on the travel experiences and what they offer to travelers, making the recognition even more special.  

“We take immense pride in having Puerto Vallarta featured on this prestigious international list. This recognition underscores our ongoing efforts to present Puerto Vallarta as a world-class tourist destination, offering unique experiences to all our visitors.” expressed Luis Antonio Villaseñor Nolasco, the organization’s CEO. 

aerial view of puerto vallarta at sunset

Now that Puerto Vallarta has claimed its well-deserved spot among the world’s best small cities, let’s dive into what makes this city a favorite among travelers.  

The Perfect Blend of Old and New 

One of the reasons why Puerto Vallarta consistently captures the hearts of travelers is its unique ability to blend the old with the new.  

The combination of its cobblestone streets and rich history with award-winning beaches and luxury resorts attract visitors from all around the world.  

iglesia de guadalupe with palm trees and los arcos

A Beach Lover’s Destination  

Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are simply spectacular.  

Whether you are enjoying a day of relaxation on the sands of Punta Mita, strolling the boardwalk at El Malecon after enjoying Playa Los Muertos, or catching waves in Sayulita, the beaches are stunning.  

The turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean, with the Sierra Madre Mountains as a backdrop, make it feel straight out of a postcard.   

conchas chinas beach

Rich Culture

Beyond the beaches, Puerto Vallarta offers a vibrant atmosphere and rich culture.  

The historic heart of the city, the Zona Romantica, is filled with art galleries displaying local artists, stores selling handmade items, and restaurants offering delicious Mexican food.  

And don’t miss the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, celebrating its 102nd birthday, an iconic part of the city and staple in Puerto Vallarta’s skyline.    

church in puerto vallarta

Food That Satisfies Every Palate 

Puerto Vallarta offers a diversity of options for foodies.  

From street-side taco vendors serving mouthwatering tacos al pastor to upscale restaurants serving gourmet Mexican fusion cuisine, there’s something for everyone.  

Be sure to try Aguachile, ceviche made with fresh seafood and lime juice, and do not leave without trying a Mango Margarita or Raicilla, an agave-based liquor this region is known for.  

tacos in puerto vallarta

Experience Nature 

Whether you are visiting in August and catching a glimpse of turtle hatchlings or during the winter season for some whale watching, Puerto Vallarta will amaze you.  

From December to April, humpback whales migrate here to give birth and raise their calves.  

You can embark on a guided tour to witness these gentle giants as they breach and play in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.  

It is an amazing experience and one that continues to attract travelers to Puerto Vallarta year after year.

whale watching puerto vallarta

Eco-Adventures Await 

The natural beauty of Puerto Vallarta extends far beyond its beaches and rich marine life.  

The nearby Sierra Madre Mountains offer excellent opportunities for hiking, where you can explore jungles, hidden waterfalls, and indigenous wildlife.  

For those looking for adventure, there are thrilling zip line adventures and off-road excursions. 

And do not forget Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant marine life; snorkeling and diving are popular activities in Banderas Bay. 

snorkeling in puerto vallarta arcos

A Warm Welcome 

While Puerto Vallarta’s beauty is undeniable, it’s the warmth of its people that often leaves the most lasting impression.  

The locals here are incredibly welcoming and eager to share their culture with visitors. 

It is the hospitality of this destination that truly makes a difference and continues to attract visitors; it’s no surprise Puerto Vallarta’s popularity as a travel destination continues to grow.  

smiling vendor on beach puerto vallarta

Sustainable Tourism Efforts 

The recognition of being one of the best small cities to visit in the world comes with responsibilities.  

Puerto Vallarta is committed to preserving its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.  

The city has implemented sustainable tourism practices to ensure that future generations can enjoy what it offers today.  

Initiatives include beach clean-up drives, turtle conservation efforts, and promoting responsible whale watching. 

sea turtle nesting area sign in puerto vallarta

So, if you are looking for a vacation destination that offers natural beauty, rich cultural experiences, and warm hospitality, put Puerto Vallarta at the top of your list.   

And now, with the Reader’s Choice Awards 2023 recognition, you have even more reason to discover why Puerto Vallarta is truly one of the best small cities in the world. 

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