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Puerto Vallarta Among The Top International Destinations For Americans Right Now 

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Imagine soaking up the sun on a spectacular sandy beach, enjoying mouthwatering seafood, and immersing yourself in vibrant Mexican culture.  

Sounds incredible, right? Well, it is more achievable than you might think, especially with Puerto Vallarta as your destination.  

aerial view of puerto vallarta and ocean

Thanksgiving Travel 

A recent article revealed the trends for American Thanksgiving travel.  

Mexico’s beaches are, without a doubt, the shining stars of this holiday season.  

Among the top three destinations, Puerto Vallarta has consistently risen in popularity this year and has been a top destination for the Thanksgiving holiday since 2020.  

puerto vallarta airport showing departures

A Thanksgiving Celebration 

Thanksgiving is often about sharing gratitude with loved ones over a hearty turkey meal. 

But what if this year, you could extend your thankfulness to a tropical destination, one that is far from chilly November weather? That’s precisely what American travelers are doing. 

For years now, Mexico has been the favorite international destination for U.S. travelers, especially during the high season from November to January.   

beach in yelapa

Warm weather, sunny beaches, unique nature adventures, and delicious food are just too tempting to resist.  

So, what makes Puerto Vallarta so special during this time of the year? The answer is a combination of sun, adventure, and rich, vibrant culture. 

Sunny Beaches 

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending Thanksgiving on a sandy beach with turquoise water, look no further than Puerto Vallarta.  

There are beautiful beaches for every taste, like Playa de los Muertos with its lively atmosphere, nightlife, and, of course, sunny beaches.  

sandy beach playa de los muertos

If you are looking for a quieter beach with secluded coves and crystal-clear water, then Playa Conchas Chinas is the perfect option.  

Sayulita is a surfer’s paradise. Newcomers and pros can enjoy the waves here; there are surf lessons and rentals right on the beach.  

For a touch of luxury, head to Punta Mita. Filled with beautiful resorts and unspoiled natural beauty, it is a must-see.  

Whether you are looking to relax on the beach or learn how to surf, the beaches of Puerto Vallarta have you covered.  

aerial view of beach sayulita with trees

Savoring Mexican Food 

Forget the traditional turkey for a while and feast on authentic Mexican cuisine.  

From mouthwatering tacos to fresh seafood dishes, there are so many delicious options to try.  

Puerto Vallarta is a seafood paradise. With its location on the Pacific coast, you can expect fresh seafood dishes like ceviche and aguachiles.  

There is something for everyone, even the pickiest of eaters.  

gourmet food sayulita restaurant

Exploring Mexican Culture 

While you are in Puerto Vallarta, do not miss the chance to explore the rich local culture. 

Visit the historic Old Town, filled with cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and local art on display.  

Do not forget to stop into the local shops and markets, where you will discover handmade items from pottery to colorful textiles.  

It is a great chance to bring home a piece of Puerto Vallarta culture with you.  

market in nayarit

Adventure Awaits 

For adventure seekers, there’s plenty to keep your heart racing.  

Go zip-lining in the Sierra Madre mountains, take a jungle tour, or explore the hidden beaches in Yelapa. 

And don’t miss the chance to witness whales in the midst of whale-watching season.  

You can catch a glimpse of the amazing creatures as they make their way through the waters of Puerto Vallarta.  

tour boat in water

Joining the Thanksgiving Tradition in Style 

If you are among the lucky travelers who have made Puerto Vallarta their Thanksgiving destination, you are in for a treat.  

Here are a few tips to make the most of your Puerto Vallarta Thanksgiving: 

  • Thanksgiving Dinner, Mexican Style: Many restaurants in Puerto Vallarta offer special Thanksgiving meals. Enjoy a traditional turkey dinner or indulge in local cuisine – it is up to you.  
  • Plan Adventures: This is more than just a beach vacation. Plan adventures like snorkeling, hiking, and exploring the vibrant town. 
  • Mexican Souvenirs: Don’t forget to take home a piece of Mexican culture. Shop for handmade items, local art, or traditional Mexican clothing. 
  • Give Thanks: Take some time to appreciate the local hospitality, stunning natural beauty, and the opportunity to make unforgettable memories. 
beach cove in yelapa

Be Prepared 

As you get ready for your trip to Puerto Vallarta this Thanksgiving, keep in mind that it is one of the busiest travel times in the United States.  

There is always a chance of encountering unexpected delays with a surge of travelers, so make sure to be flexible in your plans.  

Travelers know that unexpected things can happen, so being prepared will make your getaway a bit less stressful during this busy time of the year.  

travelers at PV airport

So, this Thanksgiving, pack your bags, get your swimsuits ready, and head to this stunning coastal paradise.  

Your Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallarta is about to become a tale you will share for years to come. 

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