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Puerto Vallarta Authorities Advise Caution On All Beaches Right Now 

The sunny beaches of Puerto Vallarta continue to draw in visitors looking to exchange cold winter temperatures for sunny weather and warmer temperatures.  

A recent advisory from local authorities is urging beachgoers to exercise caution.  

The stunning beaches of Puerto Vallarta are currently experiencing unusual conditions, prompting authorities to issue a word of warning to both locals and visitors. 

waves crashing on beach with statue puerto vallarta

Let’s look at the details, how it may affect your plans, and how to stay safe 

Unprecedented Waves 

Authorities reported a surge of waves reaching heights of up to almost 10 feet (3 meters).  

This change in climate, a consequence of the cold fronts sweeping through the region, prompted local authorities to issue safety warnings for visitors.  

Local beach patrols and lifeguards are working diligently to monitor the situation, ensuring that visitors are well-informed and safe.  

As authorities keep an eye on conditions, they emphasize the importance of following all posted warnings, respecting beach closures, and refraining from water activities until conditions return to normal. 

waves crashing on beach with statue

Red Flags on the Shorelines 

This Saturday, red flags were placed on at least ten of the city’s renowned beaches, signaling a temporary closure due to the water conditions.  

Red flags are present in Playa Los Muertos, Oro, Holi Flamingos, Playa Gemelas, Playa Camarones, Burros, Palmares, Animas, and Conchas Chinas.  

The coordinated efforts of beach patrols, lifeguards, and other governmental bodies, including the Mexican Navy (Semar) and Civil Protection Jalisco, help provide continuous monitoring and prevent potential risks.  

Visitors are asked to refrain from any water activities and follow local guidelines to ensure their safety.  

red flag on mexico beach no swimming

Flag Meanings 

The flags used by authorities on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are an important tool, providing vital information about sea conditions to beachgoers.  

Understanding the meaning behind the different colors is important to ensuring safety and making the best of your beachgoing experience.  

yellow warning flag
  • Green Flag: Safe conditions, indicating that the sea is calm, and it is generally safe for swimming and water activities. 
  • Yellow Flag: Caution is advised when the yellow flag is raised, as it indicates moderate surf or currents. Swimmers are encouraged to be vigilant and exercise additional care. 
  • Red Flag: A red flag signifies high hazards and potentially dangerous conditions. It signals strong waves, powerful currents, or other risks, urging individuals to refrain from entering the water. 
  • Double Red Flags: This heightened warning indicates that the water is closed to the public. Dangerous conditions pose an imminent threat, and beachgoers are strictly prohibited from entering the sea. 
  • Purple Flag: When the purple flag is raised, it signals the presence of dangerous marine life, such as jellyfish or sharks. Swimmers are advised to exercise caution and stay alert. 
warning sign crocodile zone puerto vallarta

By familiarizing themselves with the meanings of these color-coded flags, travelers can make informed decisions about their water activities, contributing to prioritizing safety along Puerto Vallarta’s coastline.  

Beyond the beaches 

Travelers are encouraged to explore alternative activities and attractions that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.  

The city’s rich cultural heritage, vibrant markets, and delicious food give travelers a variety of options to enjoy Puerto Vallarta beyond its beaches.  

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local markets, where you can find local handmade goods.  

Wander through the historic cobblestone streets of Zona Romántica and discover hidden gems like the iconic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  

Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta with main church in the front

For nature lovers, the Sierra Madre Mountains offer an amazing opportunity to explore hiking trails and hidden waterfalls.  

Fresh seafood, street tacos, and gourmet dining are perfect for foodies.  

From exciting zip-lining adventures to art galleries showcasing local artists, Puerto Vallarta has a wide variety of experiences beyond its spectacular beaches. 

waterfall in mountains puerto vallarta

Safety Tips for Beachgoers 

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on local weather updates and beach advisories. Authorities will communicate any changes or improvements in beach conditions. 
  • Follow Warning Signs: Respect the red flags and any other warning signs posted on the beaches. These are there for your safety. 
  • Avoid Risky Water Activities: During periods of strong waves, it is advisable to refrain from swimming, surfing, or engaging in other water activities until conditions improve. 
  • Alternate Adventures: Explore the variety of activities available in Puerto Vallarta. Visit cultural sites, enjoy local food, and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this tropical destination.  
  • Emergency Preparedness: Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and the location of the nearest safety facilities. Be prepared for any unexpected situations. 
conchas chinas beach in puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta remains a top destination for travelers thanks to its warm hospitality and natural beauty.  

Safety plays a major role in the rise in popularity this destination has experienced this year, making it a top priority for local authorities.  

Puerto Vallarta attractions extend far beyond its sandy beaches, and with a bit of caution and consideration, travelers can still enjoy the magic of this popular destination while staying safe.  

Let the spirit of adventure guide you and explore new and unique experiences in Puerto Vallarta. Safe travels!  

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