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Puerto Vallarta Travelers Urged To Follow These Safety Warnings During High Season

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Puerto Vallarta’s record-breaking high season is in full swing, with hotels and resorts across the sunny destination nearly selling out. 

As thousands of travelers flock to the coastal hotspot daily, authorities have issued new safety warnings to protect travelers.

aerial view of a beautiful beach in puerto vallarta

While Puerto Vallarta is officially one of the safest destinations in Mexico, officials are asking travelers to exercise increased precaution when driving in and around the city and swimming on local beaches.

With that in mind, here’s a look at what precautions travelers should take this high season in Puerto Vallarta.

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New High Season Travel Warnings Issued For Puerto Vallarta Visitors 

Puerto Vallarta is expected to shatter its all-time travel record this winter, with the busy Christmas and New Year attracting tens of thousands of visitors to the coastal hotspot.

Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant culture and festive ambiance make it a hit for travelers to spend the holidays. Meanwhile, its pleasant weather and pristine beaches provide respite for those seeking to escape frigid temperatures in much of the United States. 

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As Puerto Vallarta’s accommodations fill with travelers, officials have issued several new warnings intended to protect visitors against certain risks, which are generally higher during the holidays. 

Being one of the safest cities in Mexico for travelers, Puerto Vallarta officials have activated special safety protocols this winter to protect travelers.

Among other measures, visitors can expect to see more law enforcement units surveying busy city streets and beaches. 

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Even so, experts have highlighted the importance of following crucial safety guidelines, especially when it comes to enjoying Puerto Vallarta’s splendid beaches and driving in the vicinity of the sun-drenched city. 

Keep These Beach Safety Tips In Mind 

While Puerto Vallarta officials have significantly enhanced beach safety measures this winter, travelers are being reminded of the importance of behaving responsibly.

Before heading out for a swim, pay attention to Puerto Vallarta’s color-coded flag safety system, which gives travelers an indication of current swimming conditions. Only swim during a green or yellow flag, and avoid going in the water in case of a red or black flag, which indicates dangerous conditions.

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Another important warning travelers should be mindful of is swimming under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances.

Even though Puerto Vallarta is synonymous with partying and a good time, it’s crucial to avoid swimming after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Follow These Tips When Renting A Car

Although most Puerto Vallarta travelers opt to stay in their all-inclusive resort, the busy holidays are a perfect time to rent a car and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations. 

With car rentals expected to grow significantly this December, authorities are urging travelers to follow basic safety precautions while on the road. 

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According to Marco Antonio Villegas, the head of Puerto Vallarta’s civil protection agency, travelers should familiarize themselves with Mexican driving culture & laws, which may differ from those of other countries.

The areas surrounding Puerto Vallarta are home to towering mountains with winding roads. Thus, travelers must keep an eye on speed limits, especially in areas with poor road conditions. 

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When it comes to renting a car, opt for reputable international firms like Hertz. Compare prices online, making sure to read the fine print to avoid extra costs. Lastly, travelers should plan their itinerary in advance, avoiding unsafe areas.

With occupancy rates reaching well over 90% during the hectic holidays, Puerto Vallarta is expected to shatter its all-time travel record.

Meanwhile, more visitors are expected to flock to the city thanks to the launching of new nonstop flights from Las Vegas.

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