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Puerto Vallarta Beautifies City And Beaches Ahead Of Tourist Influx

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The winter festivities are finally here and plenty of Americans are thinking of where to spend their holidays to fully recharge before the beginning of 2024. 

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular Mexican destinations for Americans wanting to escape the winter and get some well-deserved beach time in a state-of-the-art resort.

A beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on a sunny day

The Puerto Vallarta government is well aware of this trend and is now preparing the city for the arrival of tourists. But what is the local government doing to beautify this city for the high season? 

Spotless clean

First and foremost, the Puerto Vallarta authorities decided to increase cleaning operations all over the municipality. 

The popular Malecon oceanside promenade at Olas Altas Beach at the Mexican resort town of Puerta Vallarta

This is why the municipal government in collaboration with the Directorate of Municipal Public Service is now working 24/7 to keep the busiest areas of Puerto Vallarta clean from trash. 

As part of this operation, personnel from the cleaning department are now busy carrying out daily cleaning activities, often taking place three times a day. 

Garbage collection is one of the main operations as, according to experts, the arrival of tourists increases the amount of Puerto Vallarta waste by up to 20%!

Amazing view of Puerto Vallarta

Data shows that during the winter festivities personnel end up collecting up to 3,420 kg of trash on a daily basis from the city’s 19 beaches. 

Garbage collection operations are also carried out at night except for the 24th and 31st of December, as on these two days, people often spend their evenings outside celebrating. 

This increased effort to beautify the city for the winter festivities is part of the Guadalupe – Reyes initiative whose aim is to make sure Puerto Vallarta is ready to welcome the many tourists coming here every year from mid-December to the first week of January. But what is this program about?  

The Guadalupe – Reyes operation program

Amazing view of the city of Puerto Vallarta

The Guadalupe – Reyes operation program consists of cleaning and giving the city of Puerto Vallarta a great image so that tourists will be able to return home with wonderful memories of their trip. But this is not all. 

The aim of this initiative is also to keep all visitors safe during the period going from the festivities in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe taking place during the first 12 days of December up till the end of the winter celebrations, in early January. 

Not by chance, talking about this new operation, the Director of Civil Protection and Firefighter of the Puerto Vallarta City Council, Gerardo Alonzo Castillon Andrade, declared: “With personnel who are constantly trained and updated on issues of prevention and attention to emergency services, Puerto Vallarta is prepared to serve the population and its visitors during (…) the December holidays.”

waves crashing on puerto vallarta beach

Thanks to the Guadalupe – Reyes operation program, several lifeguards have been given the task of patrolling the main beaches of the city to keep tourists safe at all times. 

Gerardo Alonzo Castillon Andrade added that all the people employed in such operations are highly skilled and are ready to promptly provide help in case of risks connected to dangerous sea conditions or the presence of threatening marine animals in the water. 

According to him, the most common operation concerns people unable to return to the shore after swimming too far away from the beach. 

Police approach a crime scene in the heart of central Guadalajara, Mexico

On top of this, the local government has also recently announced that it will double its efforts on security issues to deter criminals from committing illegal acts as well as to protect visitors from local scams. 

While Puerto Vallarta is regarded as one of the safest municipalities in Mexico, given the huge amounts of tourists flocking to this area every year, scams and frauds are sometimes detected in the area. 

For instance, just a few days ago, the police detected fake bills circulating in a city near Puerto Vallarta. Police officers are now taking all the required measures to stop these banknotes from circulating. 

Mexican pesos

Despite this, Puerto Vallarta can be considered extremely safe, especially compared to other Mexican cities, and the constant effort of the local government to not only protect visitors and locals but also make sure the city is spotlessly clean for the high season is just one of the many reasons why tourists keep choosing this destination for their holidays. 

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