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Puerto Vallarta Hotels Expected To Completely Sell Out For End Of Year

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Traditionally, winter has been a busy time for Puerto Vallarta, with tourists arriving by the thousands to spend the holiday season enjoying its sunny shores and relaxed ambiance. 

Yet this year’s influx of visitors is already proving to be much more significant than anyone had predicted, including hoteliers and service providers.

Puerto Vallarta sunset with calm waters, palm trees, tourists, and resorts

With hotel occupancy already averaging 80%, and expected to rise even more in the next few weeks, Puerto Vallarta is on track to potentially break all tourism records.

Not only that, but a large majority of Puerto Vallarta hotels could be fully booked by the end of the year, according to Jorge Peralta, manager of Mío and Friendly Fun Vallarta hotels.

“Starting from December 23rd, we will be fully booked, and it will be difficult to find hotel rooms. Many people come for Christmas, and then the turnover happens with the New Year’s tourists arriving, making Puerto Vallarta a total party.” – highlights Peralta.

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This rather unexpected but certainly welcome surge in visitor numbers has prompted hoteliers to anticipate one of the best high seasons in recent years –  a total fiesta indeed.

Puerto Vallarta Is Gearing Up For A Record-Breaking High Season

The fact that Puerto Vallarta is surpassing pre-pandemic passenger numbers before the high season indicates that the prediction of hotels reaching full capacity might become a reality.

American and Canadian travelers form the majority of international visitors, benefiting from Puerto Vallarta’s excellent connectivity with cities in these countries, which is set to increase with more upcoming flights.

Given that many U.S. and Canadian tourists choose extended stays ranging from 4 to even 12 weeks, coupled with nationals flocking to Puerto Vallarta before the official holiday break begins in Mexico, it’s evident that these visitor numbers will likely persist.

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This uptick in visitors is also influenced by an unfortunate event: the aftermath of Hurricane Otis in Acapulco. The impact led several domestic and international travelers to adjust their plans, contributing significantly to Puerto Vallarta’s unexpected surge.

However, there’s much more to Puerto Vallarta’s tourism boom that is worth exploring.

Inside Puerto Vallarta’s Endless Allure

Puerto Vallarta stands out as the ultimate winter destination for a multitude of reasons.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the weather. During this time of the year, Puerto Vallarta boasts an enviable temperature, ranging from 25 to 29°C (77 to 84 F), a stark contrast to the freezing conditions in Northern countries during winter.

And where better to soak up this delightful climate than in one of Puerto Vallarta’s many luxurious all-inclusive resorts?

Upscale options such as Dreams Vallarta Resort & Spa Hotel and the 5 Diamond Mousai Puerto Vallarta offer an unparalleled Puerto Vallarta getaway, complete with exceptional service, high-end amenities, and stunning views.

Travelers on a budget won’t need to worry, though, as Puerto Vallarta’s hospitality scene is wide-ranging, offering exceptional accommodation options for all kinds of budgets and preferences.

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Winter is also the perfect time to enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s stunning beaches, with the iconic Los Muertos beaches, Playa Camarones, and Playa Conchitas drawing a multitude of beachgoers.

Thanks to their expansive nature, these beaches fortunately never feel too crowded, even during high season. Yet if you have a taste for hidden gems, Playa Palmares, Yelapa Beach, and the spectacular Hidden Beach (Marietas Islands) offer a secluded escape away from the crowds.

Moreover, as the whale-watching season kicks off, travelers have the chance to witness the spectacle of humpback whales jumping and frolicking around Banderas Bay, even from the comfort of their own hotel room.

whale watching puerto vallarta

For an up-close look at these majestic creatures, booking a whale-watching tour allows you to admire their imposing beauty, ensuring an unforgettable experience.

What To Expect In Puerto Vallarta This High Season

Exploring Puerto Vallarta opens the door to a vibrant world of cultural, artistic, and culinary attractions, with numerous Christmas festivities and other cultural events taking place during December.

Additionally, you can rest assured that your safety is a top priority while enjoying the town and its lively festivities.

Unlike some other areas in Mexico that are unfortunately affected by high crime rates, local officials in Puerto Vallarta have cracked down on criminal activity, even bolstering security measures during this high season to ensure the safety of travelers.

police along boardwalk

So, with its combination of natural beauty, exceptional resorts, diverse attractions, and safety levels, Puerto Vallarta offers a perfect winter escape.

So, it’s no wonder why this stunning Mexican Pacific destination is likely to smash all tourism records this year.

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