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Puerto Vallarta Hotels Fully Booked As 2024 Begins

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New Year celebrations mark a time for joy, togetherness, and dancing in celebration of another trip around the sun.

It’s also a time to seek out that perfect spot to witness the first rays heralding the arrival of the new year.

Resort in Puerto Vallarta with pool, garden and beautiful ocean view

And with a hard-to-resist bundle of tourist attractions, added to an authentic Mexican town feel, Puerto Vallarta has proven to be the go-to New Year destination for countless travelers.

The highly popular Mexican Pacific town welcomed 2024 with a fully occupied hotel sector, reaching its peak during the last week of December.

Data from local authorities and the tourism sector reported an average occupancy rate above 95% throughout December.

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But as the year drew to a close, hotel bookings climbed to an impressive 100% across the destination’s 24,000 + rooms, as confirmed by Puerto Vallarta Tourism Director Cristian Preciado Cázares.

What Makes Puerto Vallarta The Ideal New Year Destination?

There’s actually more than one answer to that question, but Puerto Vallarta’s diverse accommodation options are a good place to start.

Looking for a highly luxurious escapade at a 5-Diamond Resort? Puerto Vallarta has you covered with Hotel Mousai, a masterpiece in elegance and design and the only resort of that category in the region.

@elliethumannlol the most beautiful place EVER!! @Hotel Mousai ♬ these words – 🍃✌️👄

Or, if you prefer a more intimate and relaxed stay, you can’t go wrong with boutique resorts such as the charming Hotelito Patio Azul.

There’s something for every budget, preference, and style in Puerto Vallarta, something that significantly contributes to its popularity during this time.

New Year In Puerto Vallarta

Beyond providing a haven for relaxation (and a fair share of sunburn for the unprepared), Puerto Vallarta’s beaches truly come alive on New Year’s Eve. 

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The Malecon boardwalk sets the stage for a lively celebration filled with live music, fireworks, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Interestingly, the hottest New Year beach in Puerto Vallarta is not the iconic Playa de Los Muertos or Playa Camarones, but rather the secluded Majahuitas beach, located south of the town.

During this time, this largely virgin coastline becomes the main hotspot of New Year’s festivities in Puerto Vallarta, featuring world-class DJs, laser light shows, food, and drinks.

Meanwhile, the festivities continue at Puerto Vallarta downtown, with nightclubs open until the early hours. 

Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta at night

With so much going on, it’s fair to say that travelers seeking an unforgettable New Year experience in Puerto Vallarta got exactly that – plus likely a hefty hangover on the 1st.

Traveling To Puerto Vallarta In 2024

Though the last week of December marks the peak of the winter season in Puerto Vallarta, January remains a busy month for Puerto Vallarta’s tourism sector – and for a reason.

Puerto Vallarta’s dry and temperate winter climate (with temperatures of about 62° – 83° F) provides the perfect conditions for a variety of activities like snorkeling, surfing, hiking, horseback riding, and, last but not least – whale-watching.

a humpback whale jumping in the water in puerto vallarta

From December to March, thousands of humpback whales arrive at Banderas Bay during their breeding season, offering an awe-inspiring spectacle that you can even catch glimpses of from your hotel room. 

Unsurprisingly, most travelers prefer to book one of the many whale-watching tours available for an upgraded view, where you can get up close to these massive creatures and even listen to their calls using special hydrophones.

If you’re lucky, you might also spot other sea creatures such as manta rays and whale sharks during your journey.

colorful buildings in old town puerto vallarta

Aside from its stunning natural attractions, exploring Puerto Vallarta promises a rich cultural experience.

You can visit the Old Town and the Zona Romantica for a taste of authentic Mexican culture, join a tequila tasting tour, visit a Huichol art gallery, marvel at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish – the possibilities are endless!

As you might imagine, the high season means higher prices. But, considering the exciting and unique experiences Puerto Vallarta has in store for you, it might be worth the splurge.

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