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Puerto Vallarta Is The 3rd Most Popular Mexican Beach Destination According To New Data 

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Grab your passports because we are about to embark on a sun-soaked journey to a coastal paradise. According to the latest travel date, Puerto Vallarta has risen to claim its spot as the third most popular Mexican beach destination.

And let’s be real – this is not just a random statistic; it is a full-blown testament to the allure of this breathtaking destination.  

Aerial view of Puerto Vallarta beach

Welcoming a Surge in International Travelers

The Jalisco Secretary of Tourism recently reported that Puerto Vallarta airport has welcomed 1 million 43 thousand international travelers thus far in 2023, a 14% increase from previous years.

Travelers are flocking to Puerto Vallarta in search of sun-kissed beaches, tranquil waters, and unforgettable adventures. 

travelers at PV airport

Out of the millions of travelers Puerto Vallarta welcomed, a whopping 78% originated from the United States and 18% from Canada.

Add those numbers together and you have a staggering 96% of international tourism in Jalisco and the beautiful Puerto Vallarta. 

Team Effort Boosts Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Success

So, what is the secret behind this surge in popularity? It is not just the sun-drenched beaches and crystal-clear waters, although those are certainly show-stoppers.

It is the variety of experiences that Puerto Vallarta offers – a combination of rich culture, amazing food and flavors, and a welcoming atmosphere that lures you in.  

aerial view of bay with boats puerto vallarta

Vanessa Pérez Lamas, from the Jalisco Ministry of Tourism, stated, “It’s a shining testament to the collective efforts of the entire sector, working hand in hand to bolster and elevate the reputation of our cherished tourist havens.”   

Let us dig deeper. The real magic of Puerto Vallarta lies in its ability to cater to every type of traveler.

Unveiling Puerto Vallarta

Are you a sun chaser looking to soak up rays while relaxing on the beach? Or perhaps you’re the thrill-seeker, itching to plunge into a world of aquatic adventures.

Puerto Vallarta beaches cater to those seeking beautiful tranquil waters as well as those looking to explore its vast marine life.  

beach with tourists swimming and small boats

If culture is your calling, then prepare to be enchanted by the vibrant local scene, where traditions blend seamlessly with contemporary artistry.

Puerto Vallarta’s connection to its heritage can be seen felt through its art, culture, and culinary delicacies.

And let us not forget those who find solace in the simple pleasure of strolling along the shoreline, hand in hand with the sunset.

strolling near water puerto vallarta

Stroll down El Malecon, and you will be immersed in an experience for all of your senses. From mesmerizing music, street vendors, and beautiful sculptures, so many things to experience.

Yes, Puerto Vallarta’s got a little bit of everything, and that is precisely what makes it a true gem. 

A Destination Unchanged

But here is the plot twist: even as it basks in the glory of being a top beach destination, Puerto Vallarta remains delightfully unchanged.

Its cobblestone streets retain their old-world charm, its markets buzz with the same energy, and its friendly locals continue to welcome visitors with open arms.

This is a place where modernity and tradition walk hand in hand, where the past and present coexist harmoniously. 

street view of puerto vallarta old town

Now, as you gear up for your own Puerto Vallarta escapade, there is something you should know.

This is not just a vacation; it is an invitation to embrace Puerto Vallarta’s beauty.

It is savoring a sunny-filled day, indulging in a feast of flavors from street tacos to high-end cuisine, and creating unforgettable memories. 

gourmet food sayulita restaurant

So, whether you are a first-time traveler or a repeat visitor returning to uncover even more of Puerto Vallarta, it awaits you with open arms.

Join the millions of travelers from both the United States and Canada, and get ready to explore, have an amazing time, and create memories.

So, pack your bags, folks, and get ready to dive into the magic of Puerto Vallarta.  

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