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This Stunning Region North Of Puerto Vallarta Will Be Mexico’s Top Airbnb Hotspot 

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We have some thrilling news – there is a hidden gem waiting to steal the Airbnb spotlight, and it is none other than the breathtaking region just north of Puerto Vallarta.

Pristine beaches and charming villages make this slice of paradise the perfect destination.  

beach in punta mita

Different Types of Accommodations

In a recent interview, Juan Enrique Suarez, Nayarit Secretary of Tourism talked about how the Nayarit area is experiencing a surge of this new type of accommodation.

This dynamic shift brings in more tourists and allows the local tourism industry to not just rely on hotel occupancy.  

“It no longer relies solely on hotel occupancy rates, but encompasses a holistic evaluation that factors in the digital platform utilization, along with foot traffic in public spaces,” stated Juan Enrique Suarez.  

aerial view of sayulita beach puerto vallarta

As the variety of accommodations being offered grows, so does the market of travelers considering Puerto Vallarta as a destination.

In the past, this area of Nayarit was largely one for tours and day trips, now with the surge of Airbnb type of lodging, it invites travelers to stay and explore all that it has to offer.  

Nayarits Growth 

There are currently over 25 condominium towers being built in Nuevo Nayarit to Punta Mita.

These areas have grown in popularity as more investors purchase properties here to be listed on the digital platform.

Airbnb is predicting that Nayarit will claim the #1 spot on the national charts.

aerial playa sayulita nayurit

Another key factor is the affordability of the accommodations being offered.

The average nightly cost is simply extraordinary, giving you more bang for your buck.  

Whether it is a cozy beachfront bungalow or a rustic cottage nestled in the hills, there is a spot that has your name on it. 

Boost to Local Economy  

Airbnb’s presence is breathing new life into our northern and southern zones, making them soar in popularity.

This excitement extends to Airbnb hosts too. A surge in popularity pushes hosts to provide the best service and injects movement into the local economy.

beach cove in sayulita

Not only are accommodation hosts and hotels benefiting from this, but restaurants, shops, local tours, you name it!

It is a trickle effect that boosts the local economy while creating the perfect vacation destination for travelers.  

The Magic of Nayarit  

But here is the secret sauce that makes this region a true Airbnb hotspot: authenticity.

It is not about lavish resorts or cookie-cutter experiences but about embracing the genuine, unfiltered, and real culture.

From stargazing on secluded beaches to exploring vibrant markets that burst with color and character, this is one of Puerto Vallartas best-kept secrets.  

colorful street in nayarit

With its charming cobblestone streets, colorful markets, and relaxing vibes, the Nayarit region is a traveler’s dream come true.

Combined this with an abundance of accommodations at unbeatable prices, and you have the perfect recipe for being at the top of the list of Airbnb’s most popular destinations in Mexico.  

We are not just talking about a place to rest your head; we are talking about unforgettable experiences.

Picture yourself exploring hidden coves, sipping on fresh coconut water straight from the tree, and dancing away to local music.  

beachfront sayulita beach

Local Experience  

You are not just a guest; by using local Airbnbs you become part of the community and get the opportunity to experience Nayarit as a local.

Get ready to immerse yourself in all that Puerto Vallarta has to offer, a welcoming community, delicious food, lively music, and so much more.  

Stunning Beaches  

Nayarit’s beaches are like a treasure trove waiting to be explored, each with its own unique charm.

There are 72 stunning beaches to be explored in this area, making this area a beachgoers paradise.  

  • Nuevo Vallarta Beach ranked #1 on TripAdvisor, with clear, clean waters and sandy beaches that stretch for miles.  
  • Sayulita is full of life and spirit, making it a paradise for surfers and anyone who loves a bohemian vibe.
surfer at sunset in sayulita beach
  • Punta Mita is all about luxury – top-notch resorts, private beaches, and a serene ambiance that is perfect for those seeking a lavish escape. 
  • The Marieta Islands are on a different level. These hidden gems are like nature’s secret playground, with tucked-away beaches and coves that feel like something out of a dream. You can dive into clear waters that are an underwater wonderland filled with colorful marine life. Spot dolphins, turtles, and even whales!   
marieta islands

As you plan your next getaway, keep an eye on the stunning region just north of Puerto Vallarta.

It is not just a destination; it is an invitation to let the beauty of Mexico sweep you off your feet.

Get ready to pack your bags, because this Airbnb hotspot is waiting to give you a taste of Mexico unlike any other.   

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