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Puerto Vallarta Lifeguards Urge Tourists To Be Careful On Beaches Right Now

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Despite the thousands of tourists who recently landed in Puerto Vallarta eager to enjoy its crystal-blue waters, the competent authorities had to place yellow flags on most beaches in the city.

The decision was taken due to the strong waves, now present in most areas of Puerto Vallarta. 

View at Playa las Animas near Puerto Vallarta in Mexico

But can tourists still enjoy a swim in this city? 

Are beaches in Puerto Vallarta still accessible to tourists?

Despite the yellow flags, tourists in Puerto Vallarta can still access the sea. However, the Lifeguards of the Municipal Directorate of Civil Protection as well as the Firefighters of Puerto Vallarta advise people to remain extreme caution when entering the water. 

Yellow flag on a bluish sky with white clouds. Up view. Close up

Foreigners and locals alike who do not feel confident about their swimming skills are advised to remain on the shore.

In the meanwhile, lifeguards patrolling the beaches remain alert and ready to act in case of need. Talking about the current water conditions, the Directorate of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Puerto Vallarta declared:

“We invite all people who visit our beaches to continue following the instructions given to them by the lifeguards, respect the signs established on the beach, not lose sight of the children at any time, and wear a life jacket.

View of tied boats, Pichon Restaurant, and beach umbrellas at this small beachfront town just south of Puerto Vallarta and popular for swimming, and paragliding

If you are not a good swimmer, after having eaten food, rest for 1 hour, do not enter the sea if you are under the influence of any narcotic, and avoid swimming at night.”

Tourists are also advised to learn the meaning of the color of each flag when visiting Puerto Vallarta and to always be aware of the water conditions when approaching a local beach. 

What do flag colors mean? 

Whenever spotting a flag on a beach, it is always important to be aware of its meaning to understand whether it is safe or not to access the water. 

Yellow flag waving in the wind

In general, when seeing green or blue flags, tourists can relax. The former means that the water conditions are ideal for bathing and swimming, while the latter is an international certification given to beaches with the highest safety standards and top-notch services. 

Yellow flags indicate danger. When these are present, people are recommended to be extremely cautious when entering the water and avoid swimming far away from the shore. 

People who are not confident in their swimming skills should remain on the beach. 

beach shore at las conchas

Red flags indicate a general prohibition to enter the sea regardless of your level of fitness and swimming abilities. This is because, in these situations, the sea can be extremely dangerous, dragging even the best swimmers away from the shore. 

Double red flags and black flags are the most dangerous signs and indicate a prohibition from entering both the water and the beach due to the strong waves that may even affect those walking on the shore. 

Lastly, purple or white flags indicate the presence of dangerous animals in the sea. These can be crocodiles, in the case of Puerto Vallarta, but also sharks and jellyfish. 

Are Puerto Vallarta’s beaches safe? 

Secluded Puerto Vallarta beach with resorts and mountains in the background

Considering the current situation, people wishing to visit Puerto Vallarta soon may now be wondering whether its beaches are safe for swimmers. Luckily, the answer is yes. 

The local government is always prompt in placing flags whenever the water conditions become dangerous and lifeguards often patrol the most popular beaches, especially during the high season, to make sure all tourists and locals are safe. 

On top of this, even though local animals such as crocodiles and sharks are sometimes spotted in the water, these should not deter tourists from choosing Puerto Vallarta for their holidays. 

Swimming not allowed warning sign due to crocodile puerto vallarta

Crocodiles are very rarely found at sea and when this happens local authorities immediately put up flags to alert tourists about their presence. 

It is also important to remember that crocodile attacks are extremely rare, similar to shark attacks. 

Despite this, tourists are always advised to maintain a safe distance and follow local guidelines to avoid accidents. 

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