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Puerto Vallarta Wins Award For Best LGBTQ+ Beach Destination

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Puerto Vallarta is already considered one of the biggest gems on Mexico’s Pacific coast, and after winning the “Best LGBTQ+ Beach Destination” award at the LGBTQ+ Travel Awards Mexico 2023, this vibrant city is only getting closer and closer to dethroning its northern rival, Los Cabos.

This hugely coveted award, one that gets strong competition from multiple destinations in Mexico, is a super-positive recognition of Puerto Vallarta’s commitment to providing a welcoming, safe, and open atmosphere that welcomes travelers from all walks of life.

Puerto vallarta beach on a sunny day

A Significant Award

Puerto Vallarta has always had to fight hard for the recognition it deserves. Both Los Cabos and Cancun are the city’s biggest competition, and both are recognized worldwide as fantastic destinations.

On the other hand, despite being just as luxurious as Los Cabos in many respects and having fantastic nightlife to rival Cancun, Puerto Vallarta doesn’t enjoy the same public recognition.

This is changing fast; with this award, Perto Vallarta is finally being recognized for its amazingly welcoming environment, something that has played a huge part in attracting increasingly growing numbers of travelers each year.

A Vallarta pride flag during pride month

What’s The Appeal?

The big appeal of Puerto Vallarta to travelers in the know is that it has all the merits of both Los Cabos and Cancun without having to compromise.

The beautiful beaches and clear blue waters are a good start of course. After all, what is a beach vacation without a beach? But on top of this, the city is bursting with old-world culture and influence, vibrant nightlife, and dining and shopping options that suit every budget, every taste, and every need.

aerial of puerto vallarta beach with mountains

Los Cabos and Cancun have grown around tourism, and they are both relatively young cities that don’t have the strongest reputation among the Mexican people as being culturally “Mexican”. This can seem a little unfair, but it’s an unfortunate reality of any destination in the world that develops solely for tourism.

That isn’t an issue in Puerto Vallarta. The city dates back to the birth of the United States of Mexico (Mexico’s full name) and developed with the early explosion of Mexican identity and culture.

colonial buildings in zona romantica

In other words, when travelers visit Puerto Vallarta, they get the luxury and security of Los Cabos, the modernity and nightlife of Cancun, beaches that rival both of them, outstanding weather, and a genuine exposure to the richness of the Mexican culture.

If any traveler had the three destinations offered to them like a blind date, it’s a no-brainer that Puerto Vallarta would get chosen every time.

aerial view of puerto vallarta bay

Safety & Inclusivity

This award is a welcome recognition of the hard work carried out in Puerto Vallarta over the past several years to improve the destination’s safety & inclusivity for everyone.

As a vacation choice, the only thing that is expected from travelers is a polite attitude and an open mind to experiencing the cultural beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

view of old town puerto vallarta showing malecon and church

Sexual orientation, nationality, race, and religion aren’t met with negativity in Puerto Vallarta. Of course, there are always exceptions to that. Even the most progressive cities in the world have bad eggs, but overall, this is a welcoming and freeing choice for a vacation.

As a side note, it’s helpful to know that while Mexico has had a few rough patches in its history, including a few decades of dictatorship in the 1800s and the recent few decades of conflict that the world is all too aware of, overall life is generally peaceful in the country.

tourists walking along el malecon

Across the nation, many crimes that are commonplace in Western nations like the U.S., Britain, or Canada are next to unheard of here.

Most relevantly, incidents of crime because of sexual orientation, nationality, race, and religion score super-low here. This only adds to the fantastically welcoming atmosphere that will greet each and every traveler who is lucky enough to enjoy a vacation here.

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