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Why Puerto Vallarta Continues To Be A Favorite Among U.S. Travelers 

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Picture yourself on a sandy beach, with palm trees overhead and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.  

It is no wonder that Puerto Vallarta remains a top pick for U.S. travelers looking for an unforgettable getaway.  

Natural beauty and authentic experiences continue to make this tropical destination popular among travelers. 

Puerto Vallarta sea and downtown view - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Numbers don’t lie. Expectations are high for an impressive 16.4% growth in airport operations this winter, compared to the previous year.  

Luis Villaseñor, the Director General of the Public Trust for Tourism Promotion and Advertising in Puerto Vallarta, shared in a recent interview that he foresees a more than 50% increase in available flight seats this upcoming winter season.  

The Puerto Vallarta International Airport claimed the third-highest sales among destinations, reaching historic highs with a staggering 50% share of available seats. 

Let’s take a look at why Puerto Vallarta continues to rise in popularity among U.S. travelers. 

travelers at PV airport

Spectacular Beaches 

Puerto Vallarta offers some of the most spectacular beaches that range from lively and vibrant to serene and secluded.  

Whether you are looking for a vibrant atmosphere at Playa Los Muertos or a relaxing day at Playa Conchas Chinas, you will find a stretch of sand that suits you.  

secluded beach in puerto vallarta las planchas

Unadulterated Natural Beauty 

Nestled along the Pacific coast, Puerto Vallarta is not just a beach destination; it is a playground for those looking to connect with nature.  

This destination has it all! From spectacular beaches to lush jungles, there is something for everyone.  

Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers are drawn to Puerto Vallarta, with activities ranging from hiking through the Sierra Madre mountains to snorkeling in hidden coves. 

snorkeling in puerto vallarta arcos

Lush Rainforest 

As you head inland, you will discover the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains.  

These towering mountains are the perfect place for hikers and nature lovers.  

Numerous trails take you through the lush jungle, offering a chance to immerse yourself in this vibrant tropical ecosystem.  

Catch a glimpse of exotic birds, spot unique flora, and explore hidden waterfalls, like the picturesque Colomitos Waterfall.  

green vegetation and waterfall

Water Fun 

The Pacific Ocean is your playground, and Puerto Vallarta offers a wide range of water activities.  

Snorkeling, scuba diving, and paddleboarding are just some of the activities you can experience while exploring Puerto Vallarta’s diverse marine life. 

Dive into the hidden coves and underwater caves, like the Marieta Islands, home to an array of colorful fish and even a hidden beach. 

Surf the waves in Sayulita, explore the underwater sculptures at Los Arcos, or embark on an off-road jungle tour. The possibilities are limitless in Puerto Vallarta.   

marieta islands

Whale Watching 

Between December and March, these majestic creatures migrate to the warm waters of Banderas Bay, creating a spectacular opportunity for whale-watching tours.  

The sight of a breaching whale or a playful pod of dolphins is a memory that stays with you long after you have returned home.  

Whether you are an avid hiker, love water sports, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of nature, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination.  

So, get ready to embrace the beauty, diversity, and adventure this Mexican paradise offers. 

whale watching puerto vallarta

Rich Cultural Tapestry 

Beyond the postcard-perfect natural beauty lies a town rich in history and culture.  

Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Old Town, where local art is on display, and you will get a sense of Mexico’s rich history. 

The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe stands tall in the heart of the city. The church’s rich history tells the story of Puerto Vallarta’s deep-rooted cultural heritage.  

A visit to this iconic landmark, celebrating its 102nd birthday this year, promises a glimpse into the area’s strong connection to its history and heritage.  

church of our lady of guadalupe aerial with ocean puerto vallarta

Experience the heart of Puerto Vallarta through its vibrant art, busy markets, rich history, and delicious food.  

Food for the Soul 

Puerto Vallarta is as much a culinary paradise as a tropical one.  

From mouthwatering street tacos to fresh seafood dishes that seem to melt in your mouth, the food here is fantastic.  

You will discover everything from charming local restaurants to fine-dining restaurants with award-winning chefs. 

restaurant with a view puerto vallarta

A Warm Welcome 

The charm of Puerto Vallarta lies in the warmth of its people.  

The locals here are known for their hospitality and are eager to share their culture with you.  

You will feel a sense of safety and friendliness in every corner of the city. 

smiling vendor on beach puerto vallarta

So, why does Puerto Vallarta continue to capture the hearts of U.S. travelers?  

Much more than just pretty landscapes and natural beauty, it is an unforgettable experience.  

Embrace the local culture, dive into adventure, savor delicious food, and form lasting memories.  

It is no wonder that this tropical destination continues to rise in popularity among travelers.  

So, here is to more adventures, more sunsets, and more joy in Puerto Vallarta, a favorite that remains the go-to destination for U.S. travelers. 

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