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These Are The Cleanest Beaches In Puerto Vallarta According To New Report

Authorities have just published the results of recent analyses whose aim was to check the safety levels of several Mexican beaches.

The analyses aimed to investigate the amount of enterococcus faecalis bacteria in some of the most popular shores in the country.

Unidentified people at Playa Las Animas in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta

This pathogen can usually be found in our intestines. However, it’s important to keep in mind that when it spreads to other areas of the body, it can cause dangerous infections.

Luckily, Puerto Vallarta had no beach showing dangerous levels of this pathogen. But what are the cleanest areas in this municipality according to these results?

Playa Gemelas

Los Arcos silhouette at sunset in Puerto Vallarta. View from Playa Las Gemelas

Playa Gemelas showed the lowest rate of enterococcus faecalis bacteria. Unfortunately, however, this beach was recently in the spotlight after local citizens found evidence of a nearby condominium, Playa Gemelas Condominium, discarding its wastewater into this site. 

Adriana Guzmán Jiménez, Director of Urban Development and Environment of the Puerto Vallarta City Council, clarified that the building is authorized to discharge its sewage water in such a way; however, following laboratory analysis, it was found that one of the pipes needed to be fixed. 

This is why local authorities decided to give those responsible a total of 15 days to fix the issue. Talking about this situation, Adriana Guzmán Jiménez commented: “The company is very interested in carrying out the repair as soon as possible, but it has to bring specialized divers to do it.”

The popular Malecon oceanside promenade at Olas Altas Beach at the Mexican resort town of Puerta Vallarta

So, despite the low levels of enterococcus faecalis bacteria, it now seems evident that, at the moment, this is not the ideal beach to enjoy the nice waters of Puerto Vallarta.

Las Animas Beach

Following Playa Gemelas, according to the results, the beach with the lowest levels of enterococcus faecalis bacteria is Las Animas Beach.

This is located just a few miles south of Puerto Vallarta’s historical center and is characterized by crystal-blue waters and golden sand. 


Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, this is the perfect spot to try some water sports, such as parasailing. 

Families also love Las Animas Beach as it is home to the Las Animas Beach Adventure Park, an eco-friendly natural area where kids and adults alike can try different activities such as zip lining and rock climbing.

Quimixto Beach

The last beach we are going to discuss is Playa Quimixto. Located between Las Animas and Majahuitas beaches, this is a must-see for surfer enthusiasts, especially during the fall and spring seasons when wave conditions are ideal. 

Aerial View of Puerto Vallarta

Quimixto Beach is also great for other water activities, such as snorkeling and scuba diving.

Analyzing the results 

Apart from these three beaches, the other places that seem to have the best water conditions in Puerto Vallarta are Oasis Beach, Los Muertos Beach, Camarones Beach, and Las Palmas Beach.

Even though all shores in the area were under the parameters set by the World Health Organisation, 200 enterococci in 100 milliliters of water, some of these were quite close to these numbers. 

busy beach in puerto vallarta with water sports

Results revealed that Playa del Cuale had 167 enterococci in 100 millimeters of water, while Mismaloya Beach had 140 pathogens in 100 millimeters. 

The analyses were carried out by the Federal Commission of the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) in coordination with the Areas of Protection against State Sanitary Risks (APCRS). 

In total, 254 beaches all over Mexico were analyzed, and only six of these showed levels of enterococcus faecalis bacteria that exceeded the World Health Organisation limits. 

sunset on beach by el malecon

These are the Rosarito and Tijuana beaches in Baja California, Linda and Escolleras in Tapachula, Olas Altas Beach in Mazatlán, and El Bosque Beach in Centla. 

After publishing the analysis results, the local authorities immediately clarified that those competent will immediately take action to put in place the needed measures that will reduce the levels of this pathogen in the water for the safety of all tourists and locals. 

In the meanwhile, bathers are advised to avoid these areas and instead opt for other beaches that show safe levels of enterococcus faecalis bacteria to avoid health complications.

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