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Puerto Vallarta Authorities Take Action To Stop Wastewater Affecting Popular Beach

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Puerto Vallarta authorities are now working to stop the harmful discharge of wastewater into the ocean at Playa Gemelas. 

The actions were taken thanks to the many citizens who decided to denounce the act after seeing two pipes coming from the so-called Playa Gemelas Condominium and discharging soapy water into the rocks and down to the sea. 

Puerto Vallarta beaches and scenic ocean views

The Directorate of Urban Development and Municipal Environment has given 15 days to stop spilling sewage water into the beach. But what happened exactly?

What happened?

It all started when shocked citizens reached out to a local news platform, sending images of black pipes discharging wastewater in the stunning Playa Gemelas.

Conchas Chinas Beach, Puerto Vallarta

This famous beach is located roughly 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta along the Barra de Navidad Highway and is particularly known for its crystal-blue waters and golden sand. 

The citizens who contacted the local news platform seemed to have already denounced the act to the local authorities, in particular to the City Council’s Urban Development and Environment Directorate as well as the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. 

In their letter, the citizens declared: “The condominium staff, while carrying out operations to submerge the hose again, commented that said hose extends 100 meters out to sea and there discharges the wastewater from said condominium.” 

Puerto Vallarta Promenade

They also added that one of the two hoses was submerged in the sea and therefore could not be seen. However, the other pipe could easily be spotted.

What did authorities do?

Following the many complaints, Adriana Guzmán Jiménez, Director of Urban Development and Environment of the Puerto Vallarta City Council, reported that the Playa Gemelas Condominium had permission to discharge wastewater into the ocean. 

However, she clarified that the pipelines had been temporarily affected by a hurricane. This is why the local government decided to give those responsible a period of 15 days to fix the issue. 

A Bright Blue Beach at Noon with Buildings in the Distance in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

“The report has already arrived and we went to the scene. It was seen that the water discharged into the sea is from the treatment plant,” declared Adriana Guzmán Jiménez.

She then specified that a laboratory analysis was carried out to check the conditions of the water discharged into the sea leading to the realization that one of the pipes was broken. 

“It was damaged by the hurricane,” said Adriana Guzmán Jiménez. “And the company is very interested in carrying out the repair as soon as possible, but it has to bring specialized divers to do it.”

aerial view of bay with boats puerto vallarta

The Director of Urban Development added that one of the main challenges the company is now facing consists of carrying out repairs where the pipes cross rocky areas. This is in fact going to cost lots of money.

“In fifteen days it will be verified. (…) The quality of the water being discharged will be monitored (…). So far the samples have met the required range,” declared Adriana Guzmán Jiménez. 

A few breathtaking beaches accessible right now

Considering the current situation, tourists planning to head to Puerto Vallarta soon may now be wondering what other beaches are accessible to bathers at the moment. 

playa d'oro puerto vallarta

Luckily, this area has plenty of stunning shores where visitors can bathe in all safety. 

For instance, Playa de Oro. This is one of the safest places for swimming and it was awarded a blue-flag certification for its water quality and excellent services provided. Over 3,400 feet in length, this is the ideal place to practice activities such as volleyball and horseback riding. 

On top of this, its waves are often gentle, making this the perfect place to try out water sports such as surfing.  

aerial view of beach with hotels

A good option for those not interested in swimming is The Malecon Beach. Located in the historical center of Puerto Vallarta, this is a great place to sunbathe and build a sand castle with your children. 

Here, tourists can see fishermen carrying out their daily activities, especially early in the morning, and try to spot local animals, such as Mexican grackles, flocks of pelicans, and seagulls. 

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