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Why Tourists Should Avoid This Puerto Vallarta Beach Right Now

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Puerto Vallarta is one of the most popular Mexican destinations among American tourists wanting to enjoy a beach gateway.

Not by chance, this place is particularly renowned for its crystal blue beaches, which routinely receive awards for their cleanliness and great water conditions. 

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But at times, even these breathtaking shores get contaminated.

This is why it’s important for all tourists in the area to avoid Playa Las Gemelas right now, as a nearby condominium has recently started to discharge wastewater on this beach. But what happened exactly?

Why should tourists avoid Playa Las Gemelas?

Shocked citizens have recently reached out to local news, sending images of black pipes coming from the so-called Playas Gemelas Condominium building and directed to the nearby beach. 

Puerto Vallarta Promenade sunset - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

These clearly show wastewater being discharged into the ocean, which was previously known for its unspoiled nature. 

Playas Gemelas is located less than 10 miles south of Puerto Vallarta along the Barra de Navidad Highway. 

The citizens who contacted this local news platform mentioned that they had already tried to denounce the act to the local authorities, sending complaints to the City Council’s Urban Development and Environment Directorate as well as the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, but were ignored. 

Puerto Vallarta buildings and beach - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

In their letter to CPS Noticias-Tribuna de la Bahía, they wrote: “The condominium staff, while carrying out operations to submerge the hose again, commented that said hose extends 100 meters out to sea and there discharges the wastewater from said condominium.”

They added: “Currently, the hose is submerged in the sea and is not visible. However, the section of the hose that goes from the condominium and crosses the rocky area of the federal maritime-terrestrial zone is visible.”

The hoses were first seen on December 7th, but authorities still haven’t taken action. 

A few nearby beaches where tourists can swim safely

Los Muertos Pier at sunset - Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Considering the current situation, tourists heading to Puerto Vallarta soon should definitely avoid this beach and instead opt for other options.

Luckily, there are plenty of beaches in Puerto Vallarta known for their breathtaking beauty. For instance, the Nuevo Vallarta Beach. 

This place is particularly renowned for its calm waters and golden sand and was awarded the White Flag certification thanks to its cleanliness and high safety levels. 

beach view of puerto vallarta resorts

Another great option is Boca de Tomates. This is the perfect place for those wanting to practice water sports such as surfing and kayaking as winds here are often strong.

This beach is incredibly popular among families as, especially during the weekends, it is renowned for the many events taking place here and featuring live music and entertainment for the kids.

However, it’s important to remind those choosing this beach to avoid swimming near the nearby American River, as this is a mangrove area known as a lavish natural habitat for wildlife. 

sandy beach playa de los muertos

Lastly, Conchas Chinas Beach is perfect for photographers thanks to the many rocks scattered in the ocean, in close proximity to the beach, creating a uniquely picturesque landscape. 

This is also the ideal place for snorkeling as plenty of marine life can be spotted living among the natural pools created by the rocks. 

Other popular activities in Puerto Vallarta 

Travelers who don’t enjoy swimming or water activities can entertain themselves with a number of different activities available in the area. 

aerial view of puerto vallarta bay

For instance, the famous Canopy Ecotourism Complex just opened its newest attraction, the Jorullo Viewpoint

This platform, made of glass, overlooks the Cuale River and mountain range, giving tourists a breathtaking 360° view of their surroundings. 

These parks also offer tourists the possibility to try other activities, such as hiking and ziplining.

aerial view of beach in puerto vallarta

Tequila-tasting experiences are another popular activity among tourists in Puerto Vallarta.

This is mostly due to the many distilleries located in the municipality giving visitors the chance to try different types of this popular drink while learning how this alcoholic beverage is produced. 

Lastly, nature lovers can head to Marietas National Park & Hidden Beach. This natural area is home to a variety of unspoiled little islands where visitors can simply relax and enjoy some well-deserved tranquility.

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