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Why Travelers Are Still Flocking To Puerto Vallarta Even During Low Season 

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Puerto Vallarta has been attracting a record-breaking number of visitors this summer with its spectacular beaches, vibrant culture, and variety of activities.  

But what might surprise some is that this Mexican destination continues to draw visitors even during the low season.

Let us look at this year’s season and the reasons why it might just be the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta.

aerial view el malecon

Record Breaking Numbers 

Vanessa Pérez Lamas, the head of the Jalisco Department of Tourism, said in a recent interview that a 65% occupancy is expected in Puerto Vallarta in September.  

The decrease in visitor numbers is expected during the month of September; occupancy numbers decline every year.  

With the end of an exceptional summer vacation season this year come higher than previously reported numbers for the low season.    

“In September 2019, our occupancy rate was at 52%, in September 2022, it reached nearly 57%, and I would expect that we could see an increase in the current period, closing around 60 to 65%.” stated Perez Lamas.  

While many travelers associate Puerto Vallarta with peak winter escapes, there are so many reasons why travelers are choosing to explore this destination year-round.  

playa de los muertos busy with tourists

Escape the Crowds 

One of the key attractions of visiting Puerto Vallarta during the low season is the opportunity to escape the crowds that are typically drawn during the summer and winter months.  

From May to October, you will find fewer tourists lounging on the beach or at your favorite restaurant.  

This means you can enjoy a more laid-back and intimate experience, whether you are strolling along the iconic Malecón or exploring the picturesque Old Town. 

busy beach in puerto vallarta

Budget-Friendly Travel 

Travelers with an eye on their budget will appreciate the lower costs during the low season.  

Many hotels and resorts offer discounted rates, making it easier to stay longer and explore more of what Puerto Vallarta has to offer.  

Even top-tier accommodations may be more affordable, allowing you to experience a touch of luxury without breaking the bank.  

 With rising prices of hotels and vacation rentals in the area, the low season is the perfect opportunity to travel on a budget.  

You will also find deals on activities and dining, making every aspect of your vacation budget-friendly. 

aerial view playa esmeralda puerto vallarta

Perfect Weather for Adventure 

Puerto Vallarta’s low season is not all rain clouds and storms.  

While there is some rain, typically as an afternoon shower, the rest of the day is often sunny and warm. This makes it an ideal time for outdoor adventures.  

Whether you are into zip-lining through the jungle, exploring hidden waterfalls, or taking a hike in the Sierra Madre mountains, the weather is just right for these activities.  

Plus, with fewer tourists around, you will have a more intimate experience with nature. 

waterfall in the jungle

Cultural Experiences 

Puerto Vallarta’s cultural scene thrives year-round.  

The low season offers the opportunity to dive deeper into the city’s rich culture without the crowds.  

Attend local festivals, explore art galleries, or catch a traditional Mexican celebration.  

The locals are known for their warmth and hospitality, and during the low season, you may find more opportunities to experience it first-hand.  

dancers in festival puerto vallarta

Supporting the Local Economy 

Choosing to visit during the low season can also be seen as a way of supporting the local economy.  

Tourism is a major driver of Puerto Vallarta’s economy, and by traveling in the shoulder months, you help maintain jobs and livelihoods that depend on visitors.  

It is a win-win situation where you get to enjoy the beauty of Puerto Vallarta, and the community benefits from your presence. 

street in puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s low season definitely holds its own unique appeal to travelers.  

From fewer crowds and budget-friendly options to perfect weather for adventures and cultural experiences, there are plenty of reasons why travelers are choosing to flock to this coastal paradise all year round.  

So, whether you are seeking a romantic escape, an adventure-packed vacation, or a relaxing beach trip, consider planning your Puerto Vallarta getaway during the low season. 

You might just discover a whole new side of this spectacular destination! 

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