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Puerto Vallarta Authorities Urge Tourists To Be Cautious At This Beach Right Now

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Despite the beginning of the high season, some areas of Puerto Vallarta still remain dangerous for tourists. 

Recently, one of the most popular beaches in the municipality has become a threat to visitors deciding to enjoy a relaxing afternoon on its golden sand. 

Unidentified people at Playa Las Animas in Mexico on a sunny day

But what happened exactly and what beach has been affected?

What happened?

The beach now posing a danger to tourists who come to Puerto Vallarta for the holidays is Holi Beach. Its entrance has in fact been flooded by the Pitillal River which has increased its flow in the last few days.

Conchas Chinas Beach, Puerto Vallarta

This is quite unusual, as the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta usually lasts from June to mid-October. 

According to local news, half of the entrance street to this busy beach, which used to function as a parking lot, is now underwater and completely inaccessible. But this is not all. 

Due to the overflow of water, the side of the street next to the river is now less resistant than usual, meaning that vehicles placed here may cause a landslide. 

View at Playa las Animas near Puerto Vallarte in Mexico

Despite these complications, the local authorities have not yet taken any action to limit the amount of people parking their cars in this area nor have they warned tourists and locals about the current situation. 

All you need to know about Holi Beach

But where exactly is Holi Beach? Holi Beach, also known as Oasis Beach, is a stretch of land located in the heart of Puerto Vallarta.

This is one of the busiest beaches in the Mexican state of Jalisco, with plenty of tourists heading here to enjoy the sun every year.

View from the coastline of the large boulder islands offshore near Banderas Bay at Los Arcos National Park along the Mexican Riviera at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

This is the place where the Pitillal River meets the sea, creating a stunning lagoon where different birds, such as egrets and cranes, can be observed fishing in the water.

Holi Beach is fully swimmable, and its waters are known all over the city for being quite calm compared to other areas of Puerto Vallarta. 

The beach is also equipped with beachfront bars and restaurants where people can enjoy a snack or a refreshing drink while admiring the breathtaking view. 

A couple of beaches now safe for tourists

aerial view playa conchas chinas puerto vallarta

Considering the current situation, tourists heading to Puerto Vallarta soon may now be wondering whether there are any beaches in the area now safe for tourists. Thankfully, the answer is yes. Here are a couple of options. 

Las Glorias is a stretch of land located in the North Hotel Zone, between the Las Palmas and Secrets Vallarta properties. Known for its golden sand and calm waters, this area offers plenty of activities for all types of tourists. 

Visitors can swim in the sea or try sports, such as surfcasting and horseback riding. Those looking for an adrenaline rush can also try out activities such as surfing, jet skiing, and parasailing. 

Aerial View of the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The cherry on the cake? People heading here during whale watching season, starting at the beginning of December and ending at the end of March, may even get a chance to see these giant mammals playing with their calves. 

Las Glorias Beach is close to nearby shopping centers and a number of cozy cafés where you can relax sipping from a steaming cup of coffee. 

Alternatively, Playa Camarones is a great beach where you can enjoy your vacation. Extremely popular among tourists and locals alike, this area was awarded the Blue Flag Certification, which guarantees great services as well as high levels of cleanliness. 

view of old town puerto vallarta showing malecon and church

With plenty of beach clubs along its waterfront, such as the Mangos Beach Club and Barracuda/El Solar Club, this is the perfect place for those wanting to party! 

Here, visitors will also be able to try local delicacies such as “Pescado embarazado“, consisting of small pieces of fish put on a stick, thanks to the local vendors offering their services on this popular beach. 

Similarly to Las Glorias Beach, also Playa Camarones offers the possibility to try out several water sports. Among the most popular are parasailing, banana riding, beach volleyball, jet skiing, surfing, and more.

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