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Tourists Urged To Be Cautious On These Beaches North Of Puerto Vallarta 

Puerto Vallarta has some spectacular beaches, and this winter season, warm, sunny beach days are drawing in travelers.  

Before diving into the turquoise waters of this coast, it is important to listen to the warnings and advice from the Dirección General de Protección Ciudadana y Bomberos of Nayarit.  

In their recent communication, they have outlined the current conditions of the sea along various stretches of beach in Nayarit

aerial view of guayabitos

Proactive Measures 

As the winter vacation season kicks off, the Dirección General de Protección Ciudadana y Bomberos del Estado de Nayarit has taken a proactive step in keeping both locals and visitors well-informed about the state of the beaches.  

The coastal conditions can vary, and being aware of these is key to a memorable and safe beach experience. 

Sea conditions may not always align with the picture-perfect beach-going experience travelers expect.

Waves can be unpredictable, and strong currents can pose a risk, especially for those unfamiliar with the local tides. 

Local authorities in Nayarit are encouraging visitors to visit beaches in the presence of lifeguards, whose training and presence aim to create a safe beach environment.  

lifeguard on beach

So, what do the flags mean?  

Flag Warnings    

  • Red Flag: A red flag signals potentially hazardous conditions, urging beachgoers to refrain from water activities due to strong currents and high waves.  
  • Yellow Flags: yellow flags advise caution, permitting swimming but encouraging beach enthusiasts to do so with careful consideration due to existing conditions. 
  • Green Flag: Green flags give the green light for water activities, indicating good conditions for a safe and enjoyable beach experience.  
tourists walking on beach yellow flag warning

Let’s look at the warnings issued for beaches in the Nayarit region.  

Beach Warnings  

Guayabitos Beach raises a red flag, signaling unfavorable sea conditions due to the presence of strong currents and high waves and discouraging visitors from water activities.  

Las Brujas Beach and the New Pier of San Blas have a yellow flag, asking visitors to be cautious when entering the sea. Four additional beaches in Bahia de Banderas are also displaying yellow flags.  

There are numerous beaches with green flags in the area, giving visitors a green light to enjoy and explore the beautiful waters and beaches of Nayarit.  

Visitors are asked to be aware of the flags, be warned of potential risks, and stay informed for their safety.

beach in nayarit

Safety Tips for Enjoying Responsibly 

There is a variety of spectacular natural beauty to explore in the Puerto Vallarta region, and as travelers, we need to recognize the importance of exploring safely and responsibly.  

Being aware of your surroundings and exploring destinations responsibly is vital to a positive experience.

waves crashing on puerto vallarta beach

 Let’s look at some additional safety tips.  

  • Check Local Alerts: Before you head out to the beach, take a moment to check for any local alerts or updates on sea conditions. Staying informed is key to helping you plan ahead. 
  • Swim in Designated Areas: While the open sea may seem inviting, it is safer to stick to designated swimming areas. These zones are monitored for safety and are more suitable for those looking to take a refreshing dip. 
  • Heed Lifeguard Warnings: Pay attention to any warnings or guidance lifeguards provide, they are constantly monitoring conditions and potential risks.  
  • Traveler’s Responsibility: Be a conscious traveler, respect local guidelines, and remember that the beauty of the beach is best enjoyed safely.  
aerial of beach in nayarit

Adventure and Safety 

The beaches of Nayarit offer a spectacular destination for a winter getaway.  

Balancing adventure with caution is the key to a seamless, safe, and enjoyable vacation. 

The Dirección General de Protección Ciudadana y Bomberos del Estado de Nayarit’s efforts to keep us informed remind us that the sea can be unpredictable.  

So, as you plan your beach days in Nayarit, stay informed, be aware of your surroundings and enjoy some of the spectacular beaches this region north of Puerto Vallarta has to offer. Safe travels!  

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