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Tourists Warned To Follow Beach Safety Measures After Recent Tragedy 

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Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world. Turquoise waters, gold sandy beaches, and a variety of marine life make it a beachgoer’s paradise.  

In late August, tragedy struck when a tourist ignored the red flags warning of dangerous surf conditions and ventured into the ocean.  

Despite the warnings, he thought he could handle the waves.

Unfortunately, he soon found himself caught in a relentless current that dragged him farther from the shore. 

puerto vallarta beach and waves

As the incident unfolded, bystanders on the beach immediately contacted the local authorities and a team of lifeguards launched in to rescue the stranded swimmer.  

However, even for these seasoned professionals, the ocean can be unpredictable and sadly, the man lost his life.  

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to beach safety measures; it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  

Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are spectacular and one of the most popular beach destinations in Mexico, but they can also have strong currents and unpredictable waves. 

beach with tourists swimming and small boats

Let’s talk about some essential beach safety tips to keep in mind during your visit to Puerto Vallarta: 

Obey Warning Flags 

When you see red flags on the beach, it means that swimming conditions are hazardous.

These warnings are not suggestions; they are there to protect you.  

If you’re unsure about the flags’ meanings, don’t hesitate to ask a lifeguard. Here is a breakdown of each flag color and their meaning:  

  • Green Flag: Indicates safe swimming conditions. Still, exercise caution. 
  • Yellow Flag: Suggests potentially hazardous conditions. Swim with care and only if you’re a confident swimmer. 
  • Red Flag: Signifies dangerous conditions. Non-experienced swimmers should avoid swimming. 
  • Double Red Flags or Black Flags: The beach is closed to swimming due to extremely hazardous conditions. 
  • Purple Flag: Beware of dangerous marine life, like jellyfish, sharks, or in Puerto Vallarta’s case, crocodiles
yellow warning flag

Swim Near Lifeguard Towers 

Whenever possible, choose a spot close to a lifeguard tower and try to enter the water near one.  

Lifeguards are trained to respond quickly in emergencies, and their presence significantly reduces response time in case of an emergency. 

busy beach in puerto vallarta umbrellas

Respect Local Advice 

Lifeguards and local authorities have knowledge of the area’s unique beach conditions, including rip currents and other hazards.  

If they advise against swimming at a particular time or location, follow their guidance. 

Be Cautious of Rip Currents 

Even strong swimmers are no match for rip currents.

NOAA, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, urges swimmers to relax if they find themselves in a rip current.  

If you are caught in one, don’t panic! Swim parallel to the beach until you are out of the current’s grip, then make your way to the shore. 

If you cannot swim, it is best to float on your back to save your energy and signal for help.  

lifeguard on beach

Supervise Children Closely 

Keep a watchful eye on your children while they are in the water.

Encourage them to stay in shallow areas and wear appropriate flotation devices if they are not strong swimmers. 

Educate kids about beach safety, including the dangers of rip currents and the importance of staying close to shore. 

water sports at el malecon

Stay Hydrated and Use Sun Protection

Make sure to stay hydrated, especially in the sun.  

Wearing protective clothing like hats, sunglasses, and UV-blocking rash guards is also recommended.

And, of course, apply sunscreen regularly, especially after swimming.  

surfer at sunset in sayulita beach

Know Your Limits 

Do not overexert yourself in the heat.

Take breaks in the shade to cool down and do not swim further than you are comfortable with.  

If you are not a confident swimmer, consider sticking to shallow waters. 

las conchas beach puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s beaches are a paradise waiting to be explored, but your safety should always be a priority.  

By following these beach safety tips, respecting the warning flags, and being vigilant, you can make your beach experience in Puerto Vallarta enjoyable, memorable, and, most importantly, safe. 

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