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Why Puerto Vallarta Is Among The Safest Cities In Mexico

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Spectacular beaches, adventures, and delicious food come to mind when travelers think of a tropical paradise, and Puerto Vallarta checks all these boxes and more.  

But there is one aspect that sets this coastal destination apart, making it a favorite among travelers: safety

police along boardwalk

Top Rank For Safety 

A recent survey conducted in Mexico to assess and report on the safety and security of urban areas ranked Puerto Vallarta among the top ten safest cities.  

The Encuesta Nacional de Seguridad Publica Urbana (the National Urban Public Safety Survey) provides valuable insights for local authorities, governments, and the public, helping to enhance security and ensure the well-being of residents and visitors in these areas.  

In the latest rankings, Puerto Vallarta proudly claimed the fifth place on the list of Mexico’s safest cities. 

This recognition is the result of combined efforts to support the safety of both locals and visitors alike.

tourists at el malecon

 A Combined Effort 

It’s no wonder that Puerto Vallarta has become a top destination for millions of travelers this year.  

The sense of safety in Puerto Vallarta is a prime draw for U.S. travelers, and it’s not surprising given the city’s commitment to keeping a secure environment.  

This commitment can be seen through the collaboration between local authorities and the community in ongoing support and training.  

Police presence is clear, both as a preventive measure and to help when needed. 

police on beach

Travelers from around the world and the U.S. find this level of security remarkable and reassuring, especially when exploring a foreign destination.  

Whether you’re strolling along the busy Malecón or wandering through the charming cobblestone streets of the historic Old Town, you can do so with peace of mind.  

Welcoming Hospitality 

The real magic of Puerto Vallarta lies in the genuine warmth of its residents, which makes visitors feel welcome and secure.  

It’s not just the stunning beaches, such as Sayulita and Punta Mita, that draw travelers; it’s the warmth and friendliness in every interaction.  

That’s what makes Puerto Vallarta such a friendly and secure destination. Here, travelers are welcomed with open arms, creating a safe and comforting haven for everyone. 

aerial playa sayulita nayurit

Investment in Infrastructure 

Ongoing improvements to Puerto Vallarta’s infrastructure play an important role in enhancing safety for locals and travelers.  

From well-lit streets to improvements to roads, bridges, and public transportation, the city’s investment ensures smooth travel within the region.  

Well-maintained roads and modernized transportation reduce the likelihood of accidents or delays, making it a safer overall experience.  

Additionally, these upgrades have positive effects on the overall safety of the city.  

busy street in old town puerto vallarta

Improved access to hospitals, fire stations, and police means that help is more readily available in case of emergencies.  

In recent years, Puerto Vallarta has also implemented new technology, like a more advanced traffic system and surveillance.  

These help prevent accidents and incidents while streamlining travel in the region.  

Ultimately, Puerto Vallarta’s commitment to modernizing its infrastructure creates a more secure and enjoyable experience for travelers so that they can explore the city knowing that their safety is a top priority. 

constructions worker repairing cobblestone street puerto vallarta

Impact of Safety on Tourism 

Puerto Vallarta recognizes the importance of tourism in its local economy.  

With a strong commitment to welcoming travelers from around the world, the city continues to invest in safety measures, infrastructure, and cultural preservation to ensure that tourism continues to thrive.  

Puerto Vallarta takes pride in offering an inviting, secure, and welcoming experience that not only helps its residents but also the millions of visitors who contribute to the destination’s economy.  

tourists at puerto vallarta airport

All these factors combined, plus spectacular natural beauty and a rich vibrant culture, make Puerto Vallarta a safe haven and a perfect tropical destination for travelers from the United States.  

The city’s ongoing commitment to safety ensures that your experience will be not only memorable but also safe, making Puerto Vallarta the perfect choice for your next adventure.  

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