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Puerto Vallarta Increases Police Patrols To Protect Travelers This Winter 

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With more and more tourists arriving in Puerto Vallarta on a daily basis, the local government decided to increase police patrols in the municipality. 

But what does this new initiative consist of, and how will it affect the tourists traveling to this area?

Iconic Puerto Vallarta Landmark Renovated For Tourists

The new initiative

The Tactical Operations Group (GOT) of the Citizen Security Police Station has taken the decision to intensify patrolling operations in different areas of the Puerto Vallarta municipality during the high season. 

This initiative was introduced following the huge influx of foreign tourists that started to arrive in this area at the beginning of December 2023, officially marking the beginning of the high season. 

But what are the areas that have seen an increase in police patrols? According to local news, the areas that are now being patrolled are Los Tules, Francisco Medina Ascencio, Francisco Villa, Prisciliano Sánchez, and México Avenue. 

Concerning the central area, Morelos and Juárez have also seen an increase in the number of police checks.  

On top of this, strategic operations are now carried out in the El Pitillal delegation, where most businesses are concentrated, as well as in Puerto Vallarta’s downtown area, more specifically in the most touristic zones of the city.

Unidentified people at Playa Las Animas in Mexico.

Why this increase in police patrols?

Tourists heading here for their winter holidays may now be wondering whether this increase in surveillance is connected to a growth in crimes in the Puerto Vallarta area. 

Luckily, the answer is not. The local government has decided to add new security measures in response to the many people now flocking to this destination for the high season

Visitors traveling here don’t have any reason to be concerned about their safety, as Puerto Vallarta is considered one of the safest municipalities in Mexico. 

View at Playa las Animas near Puerto Vallarte in Mexico

This is mainly due to the fact that the local government has made it its priority to regularly protect tourists and locals alike from scams and frauds.

Not by chance, most of the people living in Puerto Vallarta work in the tourism industry. A sudden drop in the safety levels of this region will result in fewer tourists choosing this destination for their holidays and a consequent economic crisis for the locals. 

This is one of the main reasons why local authorities keep protecting tourists by carrying out a number of initiatives to increase Puerto Vallarta’s safety levels

Police approach a crime scene in the heart of central Guadalajara, Mexico

To give an example, a few days ago, police officers detected fake bills circulating in a city close to Puerto Vallarta. 

They immediately took action to inform local businesses and tourists about this scam and gave guidelines on how to distinguish the fake bills from the real ones. 

Puerto Vallarta’s high safety levels are surely one of the main reasons why so many people keep flocking to this destination every year. But there are plenty of other factors involved in this choice. 

Why do people keep flocking to Puerto Vallarta? 

Puerto Vallarta sunset with calm waters, palm trees, tourists, and resorts

There are plenty of reasons why tourists keep choosing Puerto Vallarta for their holidays. 

One of these is the massive number of luxury resorts in the area. After a year spent staring at a laptop behind a desk, we all deserve some relaxation.

This is the main aim of the many luxurious properties in Puerto Vallarta, which are equipped with state-of-the-art services such as suites with ocean views and top-notch spas. 

busy resort at playa de los muertos

Huge hotel corporations are well aware of Puerto Vallarta’s potential and this is why, every year, more and more companies decide to build new resorts in this municipality. 

Another reason leading so many tourists to choose this area is that Puerto Vallarta is home to a variety of breathtaking beaches where foreigners can relax or enjoy water sports such as surfing and kitesurfing. 

Some of the most popular ones include Playa de Los Muertos, Las Glorias Beach, and Tranquila Beach. 

Conchas Chinas Beach, Puerto Vallarta

Last but not least, Puerto Vallarta is well connected to several USA cities such as Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, and Houston. 

Not by chance, the famous Alaska Airlines recently decided to add a new route connecting Las Vegas from Puerto Vallarta, operating during the winter season. 

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