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Why Tourists Are Avoiding This Popular Area In Puerto Vallarta Right Now

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Puerto Vallarta is now fully in its high season, with thousands of foreign tourists reaching this location on a daily basis. 

Despite the extensive preparation works, however, there is an area visitors are now avoiding due to sewage issues

Evening sunset view of the Puerto Vallarta coastline from the cruise port at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This is the Zone Romántica neighborhood, one of the most popular areas among tourists. But what happened exactly? 

What happened?

A few days ago, local small business owners started to complain about serious problems related to sewage in the Zone Romántica neighborhood. 

A street of homes and shops with colorful flags overhead in the Romantic Zone or Zona Romantica in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

In particular, the main street affected by this issue is Ignacio L. Vallarta Street. The problem is so huge that the bad smell caused by the wastewater has reached the nearby Basilio Badillo and Venustiano Carranza streets.

Citizens living here and those owning a store in the area seem to have been dealing with this issue for five years now.

According to locals, it all started with the irregular construction of a condominium building, which did not properly connect its pipes carrying wastewater to SEAPAL’s drainage system, causing a collapse that is still affecting this neighborhood today.

View at Playa las Animas near Puerto Vallarte in Mexico

To limit the extent of the issue, people working for this building are now pumping from their sump into the SEAPAL network, but this is not enough. 

Unfortunately, the situation is so bad that the sewage has reached the sea. Talking about this concerning issue, a local businessman called Alfredo commented:  

“We have had this problem for several years because they didn’t do something right. The drainage connection of this building was not done correctly and has persisted since the building began operating.”

View from the street below of the The Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe with colorful flags strung across the street on a sunny morning in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Even though the issue has been going on for five years, the problem has somehow worsened in the last three months.

Locals are now asking authorities to take action, but the government still hasn’t done anything to address the problem. 

Everything you need to know about Zone Romántica neighborhood

Tourists heading to Puerto Vallarta soon may now be wondering whether their trip will be affected by this annoying issue. 

Beautiful view of Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta

The Zone Romántica neighborhood is located in the southern area of the city and is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most popular areas among tourists.

Also known as ‘Viejo or Old Vallarta’, this neighborhood is known for its quaint streets, with picturesque shops and restaurants. 

Some of the most popular activities in the area include a long walk along the Malecon Boardwalk, known for its stunning views over Banderas Bay, and exciting shows at the local open-air amphitheater.

iglesia de guadalupe with palm trees and los arcos

Obviously, the Zone Romántica neighborhood is particularly popular with tourists. However, visitors heading to Puerto Vallarta soon should not avoid this area completely. 

In fact, the only streets affected by the sewage seem to be Ignacio L. Vallarta Street, Basilio Badillo Street, and Venustiano Carranza Streets. 

This means that visitors can still enjoy most of the neighborhood without worrying about nauseating smells. 

Some other popular activities in Puerto Vallarta

aerial view of puerto vallarta and ocean

Apart from the Zone Romántica neighborhood, Puerto Vallarta offers plenty of exciting activities to tourists who decide to spend their holidays here. 

This is the ideal place to enjoy some well-deserved beach time. With stunning areas such as Conchas Chinas Beach, Malecon Beach, Amapas Beach, Los Muertos Beach, and Palmares Beach, visitors will have plenty of beaches to choose from. 

Of course, beaches are not the only reason why so many tourists every year keep flocking to Puerto Vallarta. 

aerial view el malecon puerto vallarta

This is also the ideal place for those wanting to immerse themselves in Mexican culture. With nearby villages, such as Sayulita, San Pancho, and Yelapa, tourists here can learn everything about the authentic Mexican lifestyle. 

People interested in this culture can also opt for a tequila-tasting experience to learn how this delicious beverage is manufactured while trying a few different varieties. 

Lastly, Puerto Vallarta is the perfect place for outdoorsy people. With breathtaking hikes, such as the coastal trail starting from Bocas de Tomatlan, and a variety of activities to choose from, such as zip lining in the Canopy Ecotourism complex or going whale-watching with one of the many operators in the area, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal destination for all sorts of tourists. 

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