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Why Puerto Vallarta Remains A Favorite Mexican Destination For Americans 

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Puerto Vallarta has solidified itself as a vibrant go-to destination on Mexico’s Pacific coast, consistently landing on the top of travel lists.  

Recently, the 2023 Urban Competitiveness Index (UCI), a measure of cities’ abilities to generate, attract, and retain talent and investment, showcased Puerto Vallarta.  

Let’s take a look at what landed Puerto Vallarta on the list.  

aerial view of puerto vallarta sunny day

Beyond Natural Beauty 

Puerto Vallarta’s appeal is not just its natural beauty but also key factors such as high in foreign direct investment, a steady stream of international passengers, a diverse variety of accommodations including 4 and 5-star hotels, and a consistent upward climb in hotel occupancy rates.  

In 2023, the city experienced record-breaking growth in all of these areas.  

busy hotel pool in puerto vallarta

The growth and variety of accommodations offer something for every type of traveler from luxury resorts to Airbnb rentals.  

This year, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport has experienced a surge of international visitors thanks to improved connectivity, more flights, and the rising popularity of the destination.  

So, what continues to draw in visitors?  

airport puerto vallarta

Safety First 

Puerto Vallarta stands out in the ICU for its elevated levels of safety, a quality that remains a crucial factor for travelers.  

In a world where safety concerns loom large, Puerto Vallarta’s commitment to providing a secure environment contributes significantly to its popularity. 

Initiatives by the local government and the community to ensure a secure and safe environment for tourists have made a positive impact on both locals and resonated positively with international travelers.

mexico authorities along beach

 Improved Connectivity 

With its sights set on becoming a premier destination for travelers, Puerto Vallarta has strategically invested in enhancing its connectivity, making it more accessible than ever. 

The city’s international airport, with direct flights to numerous destinations, serves as a vital gateway for visitors.  

The improved connectivity not only makes traveling to Puerto Vallarta more convenient but also opens up Puerto Vallarta to a broader audience of travelers.

The ease of travel continues to draw in a steady stream of tourists eager to explore the charm and wonders that Puerto Vallarta has to offer. 

airplane over sierra madre mountains in bahia de banderas

Thriving Tourism and Rich Culture 

Beyond the record-breaking success, Puerto Vallarta’s charm lies in the variety of things this spectacular destination has to offer.  

Stunning beaches and natural beauty draw in millions of visitors, but it is the unmatched welcoming atmosphere that keeps travelers returning to this tropical destination.  

A diverse food scene, rich and vibrant culture, and a variety of experiences have solidified its position as a favorite among both domestic and international tourists.  

traditional dancing in puerto vallarta

For travelers looking for a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and modern amenities, Puerto Vallarta remains a top choice. 

Ready to plan your next Puerto Vallarta getaway? Let’s take a look at some experiences you cannot miss 

Must-Do Experiences 

Puerto Vallarta has so many unique experiences to offer travelers. We’ve rounded up five experiences that will give you a diverse taste of this spectacular destination.

  • Explore the Hidden Beach of Marietas Islands

Located off the coast of Puerto Vallarta, the Marietas Islands are home to the famous Hidden Beach.

Reachable by boat, this secluded spot within a crater-like opening, provides a one-of-a-kind photo op.

With its turquoise waters and unique formations, it is a must for travelers looking for a bit of paradise away from the crowds. 

marieta islands
  • Taste Authentic Mexican Street Food

For an authentic culinary adventure, head to the vibrant neighborhood of El Pitillal.

Here, the streets come alive with the aroma of sizzling tacos, tamales, and other mouthwatering Mexican street food.  

street food vendors in puerto vallarta
  • Zipline Over the Jungle Canopy in the Sierra Madre Mountains

For those looking for adventure, a ziplining adventure through the lush Sierra Madre Mountains is a must.

Feel the rush as you soar above the treetops, taking in breathtaking views of the jungle landscape.

Many tour operators offer ziplining experiences, giving travelers a bit of excitement for their Puerto Vallarta getaway. 

waterfall in mountains puerto vallarta
  • Stroll the Malecón and Enjoy the Sunset

The Malecón is the heartbeat of Puerto Vallarta.

Take a stroll along the oceanfront, filled with sculptures, street performers, and lively shops.

As the day winds down, find a spot to witness the spectacular sunset over the Pacific.  

el malecon y los arcos
  • Take a Tequila Tasting Tour in Jalisco

Puerto Vallarta is a gateway to the tequila-producing region of Jalisco.

Embark on a tequila-tasting tour to discover the art of Mexico’s national drink.

Visit local distilleries, learn about the tequila-making process, and, of course, savor different varieties of this iconic beverage.

tequila farmer in puerto vallarta

These experiences offer a taste of the region’s diversity, blending adventure, culture, and natural beauty for an unforgettable Puerto Vallarta experience. 

For U.S. travelers, Puerto Vallarta is more than a destination; it is an invitation to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and variety of experiences that make this tropical destination so special. 

The city safety measures, improved connectivity, and cultural richness continue to captivate visitors from around the world.  

What are you waiting for? Get packing and discover for yourself what has made Puerto Vallarta a favorite among U.S. travelers.  

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