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Puerto Vallarta Is One Of The Safest Cities In Mexico According To New Study

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Puerto Vallarta is officially one of the safest resort destinations in Mexico, according to the results of a new study that looked at crime trends across the sun-drenched country.

The Mexican Pacific city has seen its popularity skyrocket with travelers this year and is on track to break its all-time tourism record this year. As Puerto Vallarta’s prestige grows, officials continue to strengthen safety for millions of visitors.

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With the busy high season in full swing, here’s a look at why Puerto Vallarta is one of the safest destinations in Mexico this year.

New Statistics Confirm Puerto Vallarta’s Reputation As Safe Destination 

Secluded Puerto Vallarta beach with resorts and mountains in the background

Puerto Vallarta is a bustling resort hotspot that is full of life, culture, and stunning nature. But the sunny coastal destination has another major advantage compared to many other locations: it’s one of the safest in all of Mexico for travelers.

Safety is one of the most important criteria for travelers headed to Mexico.

Although the massive country welcomes dozens of millions of travelers each year, certain parts of the country face high levels of crime, including assault, armed robbery, and even kidnappings.

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But that’s not the case for Puerto Vallarta, which currently stands out as one of the safest destinations in Mexico. That affirmation has now been confirmed by a new study published by the INEGI, Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

The report looked at a range of factors, primarily how safe people felt in their city. And although nearly 65% of Mexicans consider their city to be dangerous, that sentiment is only shared by 22% of Puerto Vallarta residents.

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That’s a huge difference that is especially relevant in a country that continues to face significant levels of inequality, corruption, and organized crime.

The study also examined perceived insecurity in a number of different locations, including public areas, banks, and commercial areas. 

Puerto Vallarta is welcoming a growing number of North American travelers, especially Americans, who value the destination’s excellent reputation and reliable law enforcement. 

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According to Luis Alberto Rodríguez, the head of the Puerto Vallarta municipality, the coastal destination boasts strong institutions, good welfare, and a dynamic economy that all contribute to better safety. 

Moreover, the city’s government is focused on further boosting safety in the coming years with new investments in infrastructure and technology.

Puerto Vallarta also stands out as the most popular resort destination at the start of this year’s high season in Mexico, with nearly 80% of accommodations selling out in November.

That trend is expected to strengthen as the city heads into the peak of the high season, during which hundreds and thousands of travelers will flock to the city.

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But Puerto Vallarta’s excellent safety also extends to other parts of the city; from urban excursions to boat tours, travelers can enjoy a number of fun activities around the Mexican Pacific destination. 

Officials in the popular resort destination regularly launch enhanced security efforts during the busiest times for travel, such as in winter and summer.

Travelers can expect to see more law enforcement personnel across the hotspot during Christmas and New Year.

Even though Puerto Vallarta is generally very safe, travelers should still follow basic guidelines and safety precautions when visiting the sun-soaked destination. Opt for accommodations in downtown Puerto Vallarta or close to the city’s resort areas around the coastline. 

Keep an eye on personal belongings at all times, as petty crime continues to affect travelers in touristy areas.

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